How Much an “Instagram Girl Face” Costs, and What Surgeries Women Might Need to Look Perfect on Social Media

10 months ago

Social media imposes beauty standards that are, in fact, pretty far from natural human proportions: very small noses, very fat lips, sharp cheekbones, and other things that make women more noticeable. It is not surprising that people who want to adhere to these standards, decide to make some radical changes, so they visit cosmetologists and plastic surgeons. But becoming an Insta-beauty takes a lot of time and money. How much exactly? You will find out in this article.

We at Bright Side have found information on how much money it would take to create a “trendy face” in 2019.

A nose like Angelina Jolie’s

Many people are not satisfied with the size or the shape of their nose, so for several years now, rhinoplasty has been one of the most popular plastic surgeries. The price for a new nose depends on the client’s wishes and the initial nose that the surgeon will have to work with. But the people that want to have an “Instagram nose” won’t be satisfied with a simple correction, so the changes in the shape of the bones and cartilage are necessary. This procedure will cost around $ 3,000.

Lips like Kylie Jenner’s

After rhinoplasty, lips often seem to be smaller, so the next step is cheiloplasty (if the lips are too thin) and then, injections of hyaluronic acid. The price for cheiloplasty starts at $500 and the price for 1 ml of the lip filler varies from country to country.

So, in the US, 1 ml of hyaluronic acid costs $500. But, you should know that this is not the final price: in order to achieve a noticeable effect, you will need to have several procedures.

Kylie Jenner’s famous lips have way more than 2 mg of hyaluronic acid, so if someone wants to have lips like hers, all the manipulations will cost around $1,400.

Cheekbones like Kim Kardashian’s

The most popular facial correction procedure is removing Bichat’s fat pads and then putting implants in the cheekbones. The price for implants starts around $2,000. However, the necessary volume can be achieved with injections, just like with the lips.

People usually need about 7 ml of fillers: the shaping of cheekbones — 2 ml, filling the nasolacrimal canal — 2 ml, creating the corners of the lower jaw — 2 ml, and also filling the nasolabial folds — 1 ml. So, it’s about $1,750.

Also, special threads can be put in, in order to create the shape of the lower part of the face and that will cost $1,250. Then, all you have to do is inject some Botox into the forehead to immobilize it. All these procedures will cost about $3,150.

Eyes like Bella Hadid’s

If you want to have the Instagram-girl image, you will want to consider a blepharoplasty, even if you are young. This operation on the eyelids can make the eyes open and make them look more cat-like. Also, you can have the eyebrows raised using Botox. The average price for the upper eyelids is about $3,200.

A chin like Beyoncé’s

In order to harmonize your new facial features, you will also need a new chin — a longer one that is more prominent. Implants cost around $3,000 or you can use fillers which are $500.

Teeth like Blake Lively’s

And finally — a perfect smile that can only be achieved with veneers. And the price starts at $250 per tooth. You can cheat and put veneers only in the smile area which will cost you around $2,500.

Final number and conclusion

If you add up all the prices, the final cost of an Instagram face starts from $20,000. In order to earn this money, an ordinary girl has to work for a year. And we are not even counting the crazy number of different beauty products that every Instagram star uses.

Why are we writing this article? It’s because today, people pay too much attention to their appearance and consider it a measure of success. And the inability to conform with the fashion standards, even if a person realizes how unimportant they are, is considered to be a failure which often leads to different psychological disorders.

Taking care of your health and appearance is obviously very important, but it shouldn’t lead to our planet being populated by clones. Just look at the photos above and try to find Kim Kardashian. Any luck?

Right answer: There is no Kim among these 4 girls, they just altered their appearance according to the trends.

Do you think that in the modern world, face “tuning” is a necessary thing for people that want to be successful?


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Online beauty is overrated, be happy with who you are instead ;)


More beautiful than mother nature left you, you can’t be! once you do a surgery or whatever small thing to chnage something on you,you become addicted. And most of women are more ugly after this.


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