How Pedro Pascal Became the Most Wanted Star in Hollywood Despite a Rough Childhood

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Most of us assume that celebrities lead easy lives. We truly believe that at a certain point, stardom just knocked on their door and gifted them riches and success. But that was not the case for Pedro Pascal who had to go through poverty, insecurity, and a lot of struggles before achieving his goals and becoming the brilliant actor we know him today.

Pedro Pascal’s family had to leave Chile

Pascal’s family had to come to the U.S. when he was a 9-month-old baby. But first, they had to go to the Venezuelan embassy and claim asylum there. After that, they moved to Denmark, and only then to the States, where they managed to finally settle.

Pascal was raised in the USA, which has shaped him into exactly who he is today. He is grateful for everything and cannot imagine it being taken away from him. Though it was still a huge stress for him to be a refugee. And it was for his parents too.

“I am a refugee,” says the actor. “And my parents were able to start from nothing and make lives for themselves in the United States.”

He had some hard times at school

Pascal grew up in his new country as the son of immigrants, and of course, all the other kids perceived him as someone different. Actually, little Pascal wouldn’t have noticed any of these differences if they were not pointed out to him every single day. It started with questioning his parent’s ’strange’ accent and then continued.

Constantly moving around and changing schools didn’t give him a chance to cope with it all. But somehow, he managed to find something to keep him distracted from what other students were doing to him — he found his obsession with movies and plays.

He lost his mother long before she could see his great success in movies.

It happened years before Pascal became successful, and it was a huge tragedy for the young actor. “She was always incredibly supportive,” says the actor. “I always felt like she knew something that I didn’t. None of [my success] would be real if it weren’t for her.”

To pay a tribute to her, Pedro changed his last name from his father’s to hers. Besides, Americans always had a hard time pronouncing Balmaceda — it was literally exhausting. Now, with her name, it seems like he is making up for lost time since he’s managed to overcome the loss and become a man his mom would be very proud of.

So why is Pascal so popular today?

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There’s no denying that Pascal is a very talented person. He charmed audiences in The Mandalorian despite the fact that his character wore a mask for most of the series. But what makes him so popular off-screen is his humble and self-deprecating personality.

He also is an LGBTQ+ ally, pushing for more representation in all the movies he works on. And in general, it looks like he constantly inspires his fans, and they inspire him right back — he loves to interact with people.

He often shares his fans’ videos on his pages, replies to their jokes on TikTok, and even reposts their artwork. Looks like he always has a new way of breaking and melting our hearts. Ultimately, Pascal shows us what can happen if we choose to chase our dreams no matter what and value and honor genuine connection with people who love and support us.


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