How the Styles of 18 Celebrities Have Changed From the Beginning of Their Careers to the Present Day

2 years ago

Not everyone is willing to make sudden changes to their looks, like switching their hair color from blonde to black, getting an extremely short haircut, or changing their style in clothing. But for celebrities, it’s a pretty common thing to do. Moreover, such changes are not always associated with a new role in a movie or music video. Sometimes changes in appearance occur at the beginning of a new career stage, or at the moments when you just want to freshen up your regular look.

At Bright Side, we decided to recall celebrities whose looks have changed many times throughout their careers. Some of them remained recognizable while others became totally different people.

Natalia Oreiro

Charlize Theron

Kristen Wiig


Anne Hathaway

Britney Spears

Renée Zellweger

Alicia Keys

Emilia Clarke

Demi Moore

Marion Cotillard

Scarlett Johansson

Katherine Heigl

Felicity Jones

Drew Barrymore

Carey Mulligan

Lady Gaga


Do you know any other celebrities who change their looks often? Tell us in the comments below.

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Alicia keys... in the pic of 37 she looks like 50. I'm sure she has better ones.

and Madonna should finally accept her age 🙄


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