How to Choose the Perfect Bag for Your Body Type

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4 years ago

To create the perfect look, you have to think about everything — from a thinner waist to a proportional shoulder and hip line. Even a handbag can improve the silhouette of your figure if you choose the correct one. And it’s a whole other story if you choose the wrong bag.

We, at Bright Side, have prepared an informative guide for you that will make sure you’ve got the looks in the bag.

First, you need to learn about your body type:

  • If you have broader shoulders than your hips, you have an inverted triangle shape.
  • If your waist and shoulders are narrower than your hips, your body shape is pear.
  • If your shoulders, waist, and hips are the same size, then you’re a rectangle type.
  • If your waist is larger than your shoulders and hips, then you’re an apple shape.
  • If your shoulders and hips are balanced with a narrower waist, you have an hourglass shape.

This is how you can determine your body type. Fashion experts say that when you choose a handbag, it should be the opposite shape of your body. Let’s figure out what that means:

1. If you have an inverted triangle shape

Keep the attention around your waist area to create a balanced look. The point to consider for you is the length and width of the straps. Since you don’t need more around your chest, don’t go for too small or oversized shoulder bags with large straps.

You can try crossbody bags, belt bags, long strapped handbags, and clutches.

2. If you have a rectangular shape

You need to add curves to your shape to compensate for your sharp figure, that’s why the design and the material of the handbag are important for you. Keep the length of the straps so that the bag falls around your hips and leave the well-structured and geometrical shaped bags for others.

Instead, choose soft leather and oversized satchel handbags, tote bags, and hobo bags.

3. If you have a pear shape

You don’t want to look thicker from the waist down, so keep the focus around your shoulders and chest. To achieve this, you only need to be careful about strap length. Your handbag shouldn’t fall below your waist line.

You can go for shoulder bags, bucket bags, and if you like belt bags, you can also use one across your chest.

4. If you have an apple shape

You need to create an illusion to balance the outlines of your body. The size and design of the hand bag you choose will make the all difference. Stay away from small, short strapped, and unstructured models.

Go big instead! Hard leather tote handbags and top handle bags are just right for you.

5. If you have an hourglass shape

Congratulations, you are one of the lucky ones! Even though there isn’t a block between the handbag choices and your body, you should choose bags that do not cover your balanced figure.

Give smooth textures and patterns a shot and wear them with simple outfits, for a more dramatic effect.

Don’t go out and grab the first handbag you see, ladies. Instead choose something that works for you! Do you have a handbag in your wardrobe that matches your body type or are you already on your way to the shopping mall?

Illustrated by Natalia Okuneva-Rarakina for Bright Side


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Body style ain't got nothing at all to do with the choosing.

You should choose your bag according to your CARRYING style.


Like, if you're going to a chique event and you'll only need to carry your phone, your housekeys, and a handkerchief, you can go with the minimalist 5"×7" envelope style.


But if you're a mother of 3 (which includes your significant other) and you have to schlepp around all of the following:





-extra phone from work

-purse with change for parking

-wallet with your last $20 bill (surprise when you need it and you find your significant other borrowed it)

-makeup bag

-sippy cup for the 3 yr old

-juice pack for the 5 yr old

-2 cans of beer for the significant other

-bag of wine (camouflaged as a maxi make up bag) for yourself (because you know you will need it)

-dinosaur toy


-a Rubik's Cube

-the deed to your house

-2 lollipops from last weekend's trip to the beach

-approx. a cup of sand from said beach

-3 plastic fold-up rainponchos, bought, yes, on that beach day

-idem umbrella

-the book you've been trying to read the past 6 months

-a pack of mints

-a copy of your parents' life insurance

-a sachet of herbs to make tranquilizing tea (or to smoke, depending on the level of insanity you can cope with)

-your daughter's left shoe that's been missing for 3 weeks now (if it were your son's or your husband's no one would have noticed it's gone missing but Little Miss Princecita's got a photographic memory for her wardrobe)

-the stapler from your office

-the 76 tickets for a benefit event with the 38 letters you should have stapled them to 3 days ago

-the prescriptions for medicine for your dog

-the dog's leash

-the guest list for your best friends shower party


Like I was saying, if you need to carry all that, you'll need a bigger boat.


I was just going to say to carry a purse you like that holds what it needs to hold, as long as it isn’t too heavy.


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