How to Match Your Clothes Like a Pro According to Your Hair Color

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3 years ago

Just like how Cinderella’s life turned upside down when she wore a gorgeous gown and glass shoes made just for her, all of us can also experience a dramatic change when wearing clothes that enhance our good looks, making us feel comfortable in our own skin. In the words of image expert and celebrity consultant George Brescia, author of the book, Change Your Clothes, Change Your Life: “Every single article of clothing you wear says everything about you and it also impacts how you feel. Finding the wardrobe that makes you feel confident and beautiful is an important part of living a life you love, because how you feel impacts everything you do.” And this statement couldn’t be more true. So, with that in mind, we thought it would be important to learn about the few hues that can bring out your natural colors.

Bright Side wants you to always look your best, so we’ve prepared a small guide to help you choose colors that can enhance your natural appearance. Because remember: to shine, you must take into account your hair color and learn which colors will play in your favor.

Women with dark brown hair

Your dark hair color is saturated, so the colors that suit you best are those that are both shiny and saturated — think fuchsia, red, and turquoise. These colors compliment your hair perfectly. Neutral colors in your palette are black, gray, and white. When it comes to printed patterns, use them wisely but as often as you like: together with your hair, these will make your facial features stand out.

Try to keep beige shades out of your outfit since they will only make you look pale. Additionally, choose your pastel shades carefully. The only exception comes with darker skin tones that match perfectly with pink, peach, lavender, mauve, and even neon shades. So, all colors, pretty much!


Blond hair looks great with navy blue and camel. In fact, earth tones are ideal for you, as well as pastels like light blue, pink, and peach. If you want to use clothes with patterns or stamps, go for small-sized patterns.
Black might not be the best choice since it makes your presence less noticeable, making it seem like you were shy. A better idea would be to replace it with a color that’s close to it in the palette, like navy blue, as we previously mentioned. Large patterns are not your allies either. They can easily become too overbearing and take over your look because if you’re fair-skinned, the contrast between your skin and hair isn’t very strong.


Your color will never be considered a neutral color, which could be the case with blondes and brunettes. It’s rich and daring, so you must be cautious with your wardrobe choices as not to overdo it.

Instead of black, wear blue. It’s a complementary color to red, so it will make you look good no matter what. You can wear earthy, light tones such as chocolate, coral, blue-green, camel, and your star color: green. As for what to avoid, keep in mind that black can overpower you. Also, keep away from pastels — they’re not a good match for your saturated hair tone.

Black hair

Your hair reflects such a saturated tone that colors matching this intensity will be your biggest allies when it comes to your outfit choices. Black, white, blue, purple, green, and even patterns are what you should look for when shopping.

On the other hand, avoid low-light, low-saturated colors that will only make you look washed out. The only exception is very light pastels that can provide an incredible contrast to your dark hair.

Gray and platinum

Whether you want to embrace the changes that come with age in your hair color or you’ve decided to dye it, you have nothing to worry about when it comes to combining gray and silver. It’s actually very straightforward. Try to go for contrasting colors like black and white. You can also wear rich colors like black, navy blue, purple, lavender, or white. Other great options are silver and precious stone colors like sapphire-blue and ruby.

If you want to steal the show with your looks, don’t choose colors like ivory. They will only tune you out. The same goes for gray. And one last piece of advice: green tones are not your best friend as they can make your hair look kind of greenish.

Are you a fashionista or do you prefer to wear more casual clothes? How do you put together your outfits?


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I love the guide! I'm not too good in choosing proper clothes, most of the time I wear something that I consider beautiful, but I have no idea is it actually suits me or matches my hair color..


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