I Am a Criminologist, and Here’s What Your Car Can Tell a Criminal About You and Your Family

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8 months ago

TikTok has become a platform to many types of content, and survival tips may be the top of them. Dannah Eve is a woman, who’s also known as the Street Smart Blonde. The lady has a degree in criminology and psychology, and she shares everyday safety tips in her Instagram and TikTok. This time, she collected a massive audience with her video called “What your car can reveal about you.”

Dannah Eve is a mum and a criminologist, and her safety tips gained a massive fame.

Dannah Eve has become a popular person on TikTok and Instagram, all because of her extremely useful tips. The woman is also known as the Street Smart Blonde, and this nickname brilliantly describes her personality. Dannah is an attractive woman, who might have become a victim to a robber, a dating scammer, or other criminal out there. But she probably will never appear in such trouble, all because this mom has a degree in criminology and psychology, and she knows all about vital things to help her and her family stay safe in various situations.

The woman took to social platforms to share her knowledge and advice with other people, and her clips amass a record amount of views on TikTok, with many people expressing their gratitude in the comments section.

Dannah shared a priceless safety tip for women who drive their own car.

Recently, Dannah took to her Instagram with a video that explains to people what their car reveals about them, both inside and out. She addressed the clip mainly to women, who drive their own car and sometimes don’t even think that some little things in their vehicles may cost them their safety, and sometimes, even life.

Dannah opened the video with a warning that women should never make their car look like it’s a girl’s car. She explained that no matter how attractive all cute added accessories might seem, women must avoid putting them in and on their cars. She motivated this advice, saying that a woman would never want someone to be able to walk by her car, take a look inside and know 100% that a female drives this vehicle.

According to Dannah, small details in a car can tell a lot about you.

The woman pointed out that she has talked about this in tons of her safety videos, but emphasized the important thing once more. She urged all women to make sure they don’t have any identifiable stickers or badges inside or outside the car. This relates to packages with the labels on them with your name and your home address and even your badges from work with your full name on it.

Dannah urged people to make sure not a tiny detail is visible. This may also relate to prescriptions that you’ve just picked from a pharmacy and that contain the details you wouldn’t like to share with a stranger. The woman advised to all her viewers to take a walk around their own vehicle and check if nothing is visible from the outside. She pointed out that people must look at their cars with a stranger’s eyes and notice the tiny details that a potential criminal may use against the car owner.

Users were impressed by the safety tip and added some details from their own experience.

The users were quick to react to the clip in the comments, with some expressing their gratitude for an immensely useful tip, and the others even shared some additional knowledge. One woman shared how she tried to conceal that her car belongs to a woman. She told that she went to a thrift shop and got a beat up men’s work jacket and a couple pairs of huge very used boots. She then put the jacket in her car and a pair of boots on the floorboard. The second pair she kept by the front door of her apartment — clearly visible to pizza delivery people.

Another user added a very important detail. They urged people to stop putting the family stick on the back windows that tell strangers how many kids the family has and what size they are.

And here’s yet another valuable safety tip for women who live alone, shared by a TikToker.


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