I Broke My Friend’s MacBook and Offered Her to Pay for It, She Wanted More and Brought Me to a Court

5 months ago

We all probably expect a sincere and selfless attitude from people whom we have chosen to be our friends. But sometimes, life brings us bitter experiences, such as the one of our today’s hero. A person wrote to Reddit community to ask for a piece of advice about their complicated case with a friend. The original poster broke their friend’s MacBook, and then the whole story took an extremely dramatic turn.

It all started with a seemingly harmless accident.

A person wrote to Reddit telling their story and asking people for some legal advice. They started their post with the description of a case that happened between them and their friend.

The author wrote that they had some of their friends over at their house, and one of their friends invited one of her other friends to come over. She had her MacBook on the author’s couch when they sat on it and broke it.

The original poster goes on, saying, “Since it was completely my fault, I offered to pay her the money for it and she agreed. She got it 3 years ago, and it cost 2200 dollars at the time. I told her I’d wire you the money in a week to her bank account.”

The issue escalated quickly after the author’s friend started expressing unhealthy demands.

The author of the post continued their story, which took an unexpected turn. Their friend emailed them saying that as per their conversation she’s expecting the 2700 that they have agreed for. The author then writes, "I didn’t know why she added the extra money, so I got her number from my friend and called her to find her telling me she’s now expecting me to pay for her new upgraded MacBook since she was “upgrading anyway”.

Then the woman said if the original poster doesn’t agree to her conditions, she’ll be suing them in small claims court.

The author asked the experts the following question, “Should I wire her the $2,200 or should I just tell her go sue me?”

The whole story finally ended in a court.

After reading a plenty of comments with people’s advice, the OP decided to finally go to a court. They wrote, “I did some research specifically for repairing the screen for the MacBook and for her particular model it’s around 310 for the screen + the labor cost, so I wrote her back saying that since she didn’t accept my initial offer of $2200, I’m withdrawing that offer, and offering to pay for the repair cost. She sent me an email calling me nasty words and that she’s going to take me to court.”

The OP got served a few days later and went to court. They told the judge that their friend was given three options to choose from. 1) Either to write her a check for a brand-new one which was 2200 dollars. 2) Get her a refurbished one from Apple or a third party or even used which would be around 1400 dollars or 3) Fix her current MacBook since the screen is the only thing affected here, and it would cost around 300 dollars plus money for labor.

There was also one detail that the OP mentioned in the court. They offered at the very beginning to get the woman a new MacBook, and she said she wanted the money in cash. The author tried to show the judge how it’s clearly visible that their friend was trying to take advantage of them.

The whole case was finally resolved and all parties got what they deserved.

The author explained that the whole process wasn’t easy, as their friend showed their true self even in the courtroom. She gave the judge an attitude almost the whole time, which really annoyed the judge and helped the author’s case. After listening to both of them, he ruled that the OP pays 50% of the repair cost since their friend negligently left her laptop on the couch. So the author of the post will only be paying not more than 200–250 dollars for the whole thing.

The original poster expressed their deep gratitude to all people who helped them with a piece of advice. They wrote, “If it weren’t for you guys I would’ve paid $2,200 dollars instead of around $200, and I honestly loved her look at the end as we walked out. I feel good for following all the advice here.”

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