I Create Realistic Paintings That Are So Detailed, They Look Like Real Photographs

2 years ago

I am an experienced artist and teacher, my name is Dru Blair, and I use the technique of airbrushing to create these super-realistic paintings, often of people you may recognize. It takes hours of dedicated hard work to make my paintings come to life, by adding every minuscule detail to achieve a photo-like effect.

Here are some of my paintings that I wish to share with you at Bright Side, for you to see for yourself the wonder of airbrush painting.

1. My nearly-completed painting in my advanced portrait masterclass

2. Robert Downey Jr.

3. A close up of Hugh Jackman

4. His smile tells a story.

5. Her freckles are gorgeous.

6. Walter White

7. Making sure every line is correct

8. Caught in the rain

9. A powerful stare

10. UK model Aiden Brady

11. The attention to every last detail is important.

12. This elegant portrait had a little bit of tricky lighting.

13. A dog’s portrait

14. Her smile lights up her face.

15. The work in progress

16. A sleepy kitten

17. Before and after finishing this portrait

18. Progress on my demonstration portrait for the class

19. Finishing touches to a portrait from my class today

20. Working on lighting exercises with my students

Bonus: Hi, it’s me!

Which of my pieces is your favorite so far? Please let me know which character or celebrity you would like me to paint next!

Preview photo credit Dru Blair / Instagram


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I love these! I would definitely like to see him paint David Bowie next!


your work is incredible. i would love for you to paint Ryan Reynolds


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