I Fell For My Son's Horrible Scheme — They Took Away My Home

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3 weeks ago

Deception is a profoundly devastating experience, especially when it comes from a close family member. Josie felt completely crushed when her son misled her. As a loving mother, she had selflessly bestowed her home upon her son and his young wife, hoping to provide a stable start for their new family. However, the unforeseen turn of events was more than Josie could have anticipated. Seeking guidance and support, she turned to us to share her story and seek counsel.

This was Josie's letter.

Hi Josie! Thanks for opening up and sharing your story with us. We have some tips that we hope will be of assistance to you.

Consider mediation or counseling.

Schedule a family gathering with a professional mediator or counselor. Articulate to your son and daughter-in-law the profound pain and betrayal you feel due to their deception. The mediator can guide a productive discussion concerning your emotions, expectations, and the current housing arrangement. This impartial setting may lead to a resolution that acknowledges your sacrifice and addresses your apprehensions about the mother-in-law relocating.

Discuss and revise living arrangements.

Engage in negotiations and propose an alternative arrangement that takes everyone's needs into account.

For instance, propose that your son and daughter-in-law seek out a smaller home where they can live independently with the mother-in-law, while you regain possession of your own house.
You might also offer financial assistance if needed, emphasizing that your initial intention in giving them the house was to support the start of their own family, not to accommodate an additional adult.

Seek legal advice.

Seek legal counsel to clarify your rights concerning the house. If the property remains legally yours, you could explore the option of revoking your gift. This doesn’t imply an immediate repossession, but understanding your legal position can empower you to make well-informed choices and potentially prompt your son and daughter-in-law to respect the initial agreement.

Explore independent living options.

Consider exploring living arrangements that offer you greater comfort and fulfillment than living with your sister.

This might involve selling the house and using the proceeds to purchase a smaller home or condominium where you can live independently without the feelings of betrayal you've experienced. Present this as a final decision to your family, emphasizing that the current living situation is causing you significant distress and must change for the sake of your well-being. Open a discussion with your family about these plans to ensure clarity and mutual understanding moving forward.

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