I Forgave My Cheating Husband and Helped Him Recover From Serious Accident, and He Cheated Again

3 weeks ago

When our nearest and most loved people betray us, this may hurt almost physically. Our today’s heroine is a woman, who can relate to this even twice, because she experienced her husband’s vile behavior again and again. The woman wrote us a letter, where she told us her emotional story, and she couldn’t hide her feelings about how deeply she was mistaken when she forgave her husband and even lent him a helping hand in the worst of times for him. Let’s find out more about her situation.

Donna wrote us a very emotional letter.

Donna, 35, faced a very complicated life situation that took a toll on her emotional state and asked our readers for advice. The woman shared her story with us in her emotional letter, and every word of it sounded like a real cry for help. The woman opened her letter, saying, “Hi, Bright Side! I had been living a very happy life and couldn’t even imagine, until recently, that I would face such a trashy and hurtful situation in my marriage. My story may sound unbelievable, and to some point I also refused to believe that my husband, the man whom I believed I knew completely and whom I trusted so much, would turn into an embodiment of evil to me.”

Donna revealed, “My husband Derek and I have been happily married for over 10 years now. We have 2 kids, a big and comfortable house and a good family income. We had been enjoying our happy life together, until one day, that showed Derek’s true face to me and left me in such a big shock.”

The woman added, “Everything began with an ordinary business trip. Derek works a lot, and he travels a lot for work, it’s normal in our family that he’s absent most of the time. This time it was no different, he left on a work trip, and I helped him pack his things, drove him to the airport and kissed him goodbye, as usual. He asked me to call him as often as I can and said that he would miss me badly.”

Something went extremely wrong during an ordinary business trip.

Donna goes on with her story, saying, “After he left, I called him multiple times. It has been a normal thing in our family that I called him not once, but around 3–5 times a day, just to find out if he was okay and ask him what he was up to. This time, I decided to do this, too, but, to my shock, he didn’t answer to my multiple calls.”

The woman started worrying about her husband. She wrote, “Immediately, my brain pictured the worst-case scenario and I started freaking out. I tried to message him many times, and I saw that he read my messages, but he didn’t reply to them. I saw that he was online, and this both made me mad and calmed me down a little, because I still had hope that he was fine. Imagine my shock, when a few days later I received a call from the police, who informed me that my husband had been in a car accident and was being airlifted to a hospital.”

Donna made a nasty revelation when she rushed to the hospital to check on her husband.

Donna revealed, “So I rushed to the hospital and Derek went into surgery. He had broken so many bones in his body. He then came out of surgery but didn’t wake up, and the doctors discovered that he had many strokes and an extremely traumatic brain injury.” Doctors told Donna that they were not sure if her husband would ever wake up. They couldn’t guarantee that he would ever make a full recovery if he did wake up.

Donna wrote, “I was totally overwhelmed by guilt, I was worried that Derek may have been texting me when he got into an accident, and I just didn’t see his messages, because I was offended by his silence. So, I decided to check his phone to find out. Immediately, a conversation popped up between my husband and another woman on some social network account, where he went under a different name. He did travel a lot for work, so there were all these women all over his phone.”

Donna revealed, “Additionally, Derek had been using many dating apps under this false name. I was so conflicted, because the kids still needed their dad, and he was in this position. Moreover, you can’t just fall out of love with someone immediately. That’s why I decided to stay by his side despite everything.”

Another disappointment followed very quickly.

Donna revealed, “Derek woke up after 40 days in a coma. I confronted him about his infidelity in the hospital shortly after he woke up. I just showed him a picture of one of those women and asked, ’Who is this?’ Derek was still very disoriented, so he did not give me the right answer.
But as time went on, he finally confessed that he did cheat on me, but said he was sorry and swore that he would never do this again to me. Given our tough situation, I decided to stay by my cheating husband’s side while he recovered. I helped him learn how to eat, learn how to walk. I also taught him how to use his phone, just for him to start talking to other women again.”

Donna wrote, “Derek had to attend a rehabilitation center every day to help him in his recovery. Since it was out of state, I could only visit him on the weekends. One day, while I was visiting him, I went through his phone, again, because I was clearly unable to trust him so quickly again. And I discovered that he was still in communication with all these women.”

Donna explained, “My husband didn’t even try to hide it anymore. I don’t know if it was because of the severe brain injury that he didn’t know how to hide it, or he just didn’t think he had to do it. I don’t understand what I have to do now, because, obviously, his brain is clouded, and he might be doing this just because of his state. But I feel so offended, and I can’t help but think about the divorce. What should I do?”

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