My New Husband Confessed He’s Attracted to My Daughter, and I Made a Tough Decision About Her

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7 months ago

A complex family story that a Reddit user shared has garnered many absolutely different reactions. A woman appeared in a tough situation where she had to choose between her husband and her daughter. All users had a different take on a mother’s choice and the story she told. Keep reading to see what had people so riled up.

A woman took to the social network in an absolutely desperate state.

A 55-year-old woman took to Reddit with a story that shocked many people. The mom revealed she had married her current husband for 4 years. He also appeared to be the stepfather of her daughter.

Her daughter is a 23-year-old young woman. She was diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder. The reason for it was a lot of trauma from watching the woman’s and her previous partner’s horrible marriage go down. Because of this, the woman’s daughter also had a very complex relationship with peers at school. When she told her mom peers were teasing her, the mom’s view that all children are innocent really tied her hands. She told her daughter that if she said anything to them, she would appear as an adult harassing a child.

The woman’s relationship with her daughter had already been complicated.

The woman’s daughter has blamed her for everything in their family. The girl wasn’t taking care of her hygiene due to depression, and the relationship at school became even worse. Part of the mom’s response was telling her to take a shower, and she bought her new clothes.

The mom thought that having her daughter live with her while she finished school and got a job would help heal some childhood wounds if her second husband and the mom herself modeled a healthy relationship. However, her daughter now doesn’t get along with her husband. She is very introverted and creative and likes immersing herself in escapism. So she’d get annoyed if she was eating alone, and her stepdad would sit across from her and eat. Saying she ate later so she could eat alone.

One day, the family faced a situation like thunder in the blue sky.

However, the woman’s husband started acting distant from her, and her daughter complained that his eyes lingered for too long. She got furious, and there was a lot of shouting and door-slamming. Then, the woman writes, “Finally, my husband admitted he’s attracted to her, and it’s hard to be around her all day. She said she was walking temptation, and that’s why he was avoiding any relationship with me.”

The woman was so upset to hear this. She says, “I don’t blame my daughter for this, but the situation has become unbearable at the same time. Something would have to give, and I couldn’t collect my thoughts with both of them still being in the house.”

So, the woman made a hard decision. She gave her daughter money to stay at an extended-stay hotel and asked her to utilize her college’s emergency financial and housing resources for students in need.

The mom insists she’s not abandoning her daughter. She just needs time to process the situation and doesn’t want to leave her house to stay with her daughter when she has a marriage to figure out whether or not to save.

And here’s a story about mom and daughter, who aren’t quarreling because of men but go on double dates together instead.


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So, she wants to build a better relationship with her daughter, so....she kicks her out while she's in crisis, instead of asking the "tempted" creeping-on-his-stepdaughter husband to go stay in a motel and give her and her daughter some space. She's retraumatised her daughter, and proven, once again, that her daughter cannot count on her for support.


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