I Married the Guy Who Teased Me in High School — He Taunted Me to No End but I Still Forgave Him

Some people never change. Once they do something bad or offensive to us, they may get put on our blacklists without any chance of being forgiven. But some of us know that forgiveness and love have the power to change even the most badly behaved person.

Our story today may as well be a plot for some romantic movie with a lot of drama and a happy ending. We’d love for you to experience this roller coaster of emotions together with us.

“I can call him my high school teaser and high school sweetheart.”

Lauren Enslow is a 20-year-old woman from Utah, and she fell in love with Lucas Olsen, 21, with whom she studied in high school. The story might have been an ordinary one had it not been for the fact that Lucas used to be the girl’s worst nightmare just some time ago.

Lauren revealed that she’s now “happily married” to the man who was once her “high school taunter” and teased her every day for months at school. She was in the same friendship group as her now-husband, Lucas. But she says she “hated it” when Lucas and his friends would call her “Linda,” just like the cartoon character from Bob’s Burgers. The man also filmed her in the school hallways.

In her interview, Lauren recalled, “It’s funny that I can call him my high school taunter and high school sweetheart.”

Lucas later commented on his behavior, saying, “When you’re that young, you think things like that are funny. And, of course, my friends and I thought it was funny. I never actually thought she looked like that cartoon character, my friends and I were just coming up with characters to compare Lauren and all her friends to as a joke that ended up going a little too far. I teased her because at the moment I think it was a mix of because I liked her and because my friends were doing it as well. Peer pressure in a way.”

It all changed after a pity accident, which put an end to all the negativity.

One day, Lucas received a real sign from the universe, and it became the beginning of a totally new story.

That day, Lauren, her mom Jessica, and her sister Alyssa got into a car accident. This happened in November 2017. Their car rear-ended another car, and Lucas witnessed the whole thing go down.

“We were in a parking lot and saw him,” Lauren recalled. “My sister thought it was funny to roll down the window and call out his name. Seconds later, we were in a car crash. No one was seriously injured, but the cars were messed up. He asked if I was okay. It showed he cared. It helped me like him again.”

The first date was unforgettable for both parties.

Following the accident, Lucas and Lauren became friendly, and Lauren’s friend invited them to go on a double date. They began dating in February 2018.

Lauren said, “I got a soft spot for him when he reached out after my accident. We ended up developing feelings for each other. People say they would never have forgiven him, but I can’t base his personality off who he was for 3 months when he was 16.”

After dating for more than 4 years, Lucas proposed to Lauren in July 2022. “He took me to the top of a mountain to see some fireworks,” Lauren recalled. The couple tied the knot in October 2022.

Lauren said, “People say they could never marry their high school teasers. But for me, it was mostly teasing, and I got past it.”

And Lucas added, “Lauren is awesome, and I couldn’t ask for a better person to experience the rest of my life with. I want a family with Lauren, I’m excited to build a house and watch the rest of our dreams come true.”


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Its not sweet. What kindve group of lads bully anyone past the point of a two way joke, let alone a girl whos uncomfortable.


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