I Refused to Tell My Husband Our Baby’s Gender, but His Reaction Left Me Speechless

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7 months ago

We all know that being pregnant can be hard for a woman, but she’s not alone in this. However, thanks to a flood of emotions, expecting parents experience a lot of pressure and tend to act out of the ordinary. Something similar happened in Barbara’s case.

Hey Barbara, we appreciate you for reaching out to us for help. Our team got together and thought through your situation. Here’s our advice for you.

  • First of all, try to put yourself in his position to see his point of view. There may be nothing major wrong here. Maybe he’s just taking his time to adjust to the whole situation and to the idea of being a dad.
  • On the other hand, if you don’t see any reason for this ignorant behavior toward your pregnancy, the second thing you should do is to let him know how you’re feeling. Make it clear that you need him to be by your side at all times during pregnancy.
  • Another common mistake is unintentionally giving your lover an excuse to reject you: “I know you’re busy at work but...” Instead of this format, ask straight up, “Would you mind attending my upcoming hospital appointment?”
  • The last thing you can do is give him time. In the meantime, enjoy your pregnancy regardless of this situation. Many men only become fathers in the delivery room, even though women have 9 months to become moms. When your husband will receive his son or daughter, he may very well experience different emotions than he’s feeling now.
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We really hope that our advice will ease the situation with your husband. We’re sure that this ignorant way of thinking is just temporary, and your situation will have a happy ending.

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