A Mom Uses a Weird Parenting Trick With Her Triplets, Gets an Avalanche of Criticism

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4 months ago

Nowadays, bringing up kids is a crazy hard thing. But imagine that you have to look after three little ones all at the same time. It might seem a handful, to say the least. But one witty mom from the UK found a nifty small parenting hack to keep her children away from trouble.

Raising triplets is a complex task, but ask this British mom.

Summer Shillingford is a mom to four kids. She is raising nine-year-old Violet and two-year-old triplets Otis, Rocco and Prince. No wonder that their house is constantly full of chaos.

One day, the mom became stressed and sick of the three little kids hitting, scratching and pulling each other’s hair. And then the woman produced a genius solution.

However, the exhausted mom didn’t expect that her witty parenting hack will provoke a wave of backlash.

Mom defends tying her kids’ sleeves together.

Recently, the mom uploaded a clip to her Instagram, where she demonstrated her own solution for keeping the kids calm. In the clip, her three boys are sitting in a wagon wearing matching blue sets.

At first glance, all seems usual and fine. But as people look closer, they see that two of the boys had their sleeves tied together. The third baby, however, was sitting with his hands free.

Mom explained that this measure was the last resort, but it definitely needed to be done. She just couldn’t stand there and watch how her babies would yank each other’s hair out.

The kids’ reaction to the parenting measure was priceless.

In the short video, the babies look unsurprised as their sleeves are tied together, with their small arms moving under the fabric.

The busy mom, who has recently moved to India with her husband and four children, says to her viewers the babies were not in any danger.

She says that they, as parents, do this just for a minute to help teach them. The mom summoned her subscribers not to worry about the babies. And people can also tell by their faces that they really don’t care.

Mom faced a huge pile of criticism, but there were praises, too.

The video has got now over 4,000,000 views, and while a lot of people praised the mom’s parenting hack, others called the move unnecessary and “cruel.”

One person advised that mom should have told her kids not to touch each other. Some people found it horrible to see the kids with their arms tied. Many people just couldn’t understand why mom decided to restrict her kids’ hands this way.

While there were many people who criticized the mom, many other users believed that the mom knows what she is doing. One user insisted that the mom wasn’t hurting the babies, while the other person said they saw no alternative to this misbehavior of the triplets. Another user confessed that they had to put their son’s sweater on backwards and zip it up with his arms inside, and they had to do it in stores. The boy would pull everything off the shelves, so this was a real extra-measure to calm him down.

And here’re 7 parenting hacks from a celeb Kristen Bell that may make you want to try a new parenting approach.


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