“I Understood That I Had to Work Hard,” How Mark Wahlberg Left His Past Behind to Become a Star

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You probably remember Mark Wahlberg for movies like Daddy’s Home or Transformers, or perhaps for his impressive, well-crafted physique. But few know that this blockbuster actor went through moments that taught him that fame, success and fortune are achieved with effort and determination.

That’s why we at Bright Side want to tell you a little about the life and career of this Hollywood star, who made it to the top through hard work. We believe that his story can inspire you to never give up.

From unruly child to blockbuster actor

Mark Robert Michael Wahlberg was born in Boston five decades ago. He is the youngest of nine siblings. As a teenager, he was not an easy-going kid. In fact, his rebelliousness got him in trouble with the police, and he spent 45 days in a correctional facility. When he got out of there, he realized he had to turn his life around: “I knew the only way I could be successful was by working hard and doing the right thing,” he confessed in an interview.

In the ’80s, one of his brothers was part of the successful pop band New Kids on the Block, and maybe that’s what pushed Mark to become known in the medium. Of course, his first choice was not Hollywood, but rap music. Mark began his career as a rapper, leading the group Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch, with which he had some hits.

Almost at the same time, his enviable and striking physique led him to work as an advertising model for a famous underwear brand.

Two years later, he made his film debut with Danny DeVito in the movie Renaissance Man. He then filmed The Basketball Diaries alongside Leo DiCaprio and rose to fame after starring in the controversial Boogie Nights in 1997, leaving critics stunned with his acting ability.

From then on, Mark Wahlberg never stopped acting, making one, two or more films per year, in addition to television appearances and working as a producer. It can be said that he has played everything: he was a policeman, fisherman, bricklayer, fireman, oil driller, military man and boxer. All simple characters, which viewers can easily identify with.

Discipline and adaptability is the key to its success

His talent and hard work have made him one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood. “I’m always ready to work ten times, a hundred times more than the rest of the professionals on set, and I’m always ready to come up with ideas or to do exactly what the director tells me to do,” says Mark. His extensive career includes several blockbusters.

But, now, the actor prefers to focus on characters that touch the hearts of the audience: “I feel like a new chapter is starting for me where I can help people. I definitely want to focus on doing more,” he comments. And he is committed to doing so, even if these roles mean that Wahlberg has to modify his entire appearance, since for the film Father Stu, he gained several pounds for the role.

Behind his fame hides a family man

Even so, his private life is not very different from that of other men. He married model Rhea Durham in 2009, with whom he had four children, two girls and two boys. Despite his busy schedule, Mark is very present in his family’s life.

He is able to achieve this thanks to a disciplined routine, because as he says: “There is more than enough time in a day.” This is how he makes the most of the time by getting up very early in the morning to exercise, take the kids to school and come home for dinner without fail every night.

Before being a celebrity, he is a family man who has managed to leave behind his rebellious side to become a generous and charitable man. In fact, he is actively involved in a charity organization that helps underprivileged young people.

Mark is a clear example that past actions do not define people. “I think being able to turn my life around, make my mother proud and become a better person makes me feel honored every time I go home,” he explains. And we applaud him for that.

What things from the past have you left behind to better yourself? How did you achieve it?


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