“I Want Superpower to Live Without Sleep.” An Artist Draws Warm Illustrations That Could Find a Place in Any Mom’s Heart

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Sometimes mothers feel so overwhelmed, they start to believe they can’t be anything else but a “mom.” But Katya, an artist from Russia, decided to put an end to this notion. She draws illustrations of her everyday life as a mother, revealing its joys and struggles, proving that you can be a dedicated mom and artist at the same time.

Bright Side encourages you to take a look at her work, exhale, and say, “Awww.”

1. “My daughter has started to like to sit high with her legs dangling. Like an adult. And she loves to sit on me the most.”

2. “She is delighted with bubble baths.”

3. “Sometimes it’s enough to bring her to the mirror to calm her down. She even flirts with her own reflection!”

4. “I want the superpower that’ll let me live without sleep.”

5. “While my daughter is wrecking the apartment, I sometimes allow myself to just lie down. And I don’t feel bad about it.”

6. “Tell me what you know about a child with their bum in the sand.”

7. “This hoodie perfectly reflects her character. But at first glance, she is a sweet child.”

8. “I’m trying to return to my pre-pregnancy lifestyle. She makes her own adjustments. There shall be no yoga without cuddles.”

9. “I love having breakfast together. Especially when it’s sunny. And I don’t mind it if I have to clean the entire kitchen afterward.”

10. “The world through the eyes of a turd...”

11. “After a year, this tender time begins when your child runs up to you for a hug.”

12. “Finding my own art style turned out to be harder than I thought”. Yet, it brings joy, and that’s the most important part.

What moments with children never fail to soften your heart? Share your stories in the comments!


Love how she keep saying that she would not mind the mess and would clean up afterward.

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