I Want to Cancel Our Wedding Because My Fiancée’s Dress Is Too Revealing

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Planning your big day should be exciting, but sometimes outfit choices can ruin the whole celebration. Our reader’s soon-to-be-wife picked a dress, but it’s a little too revealing for his conservative family. What’s more, the dress is already bought and non-refundable. Now, his attempts to discuss the wedding seem to be falling on deaf ears.

One of our readers reached out to us.

Wait a minute, so you're already trying to decide what and how to dress your future wife so that your parents don't think the dress is too revealing?
She is the one to wear it NOT your parents. And if your parents are sooo conservative and you're sooo afraid of not being ready then you've chosen the wrong woman to be your wife. She has her own will and chose this dress because she felt beautiful in it, but on you it sounds more like you are jealous that someone else should think she is stunning and you are a coward when it comes to your parents.. .


Thank you for your message! It's a complicated situation, and we have some tips that might help you out.

See if there are alternatives.

She could wear a more traditional gown for the ceremony to not cause a stir among your family members, and then change into the more revealing dress for the reception, where the focus is on celebrating with friends. Perhaps your family could wear more casual clothes to the wedding, creating a more relaxed atmosphere.

Talk to your parents.

Explain the situation to your parents calmly. See if they're open to any compromise on their end. Maybe they can focus on the joy of the occasion and overlook the dress.

After talking to your parents, approach your fiancée together. Show her you've been working on a solution and that you're both invested in making the wedding work.

Be careful.

If you decide to let your fiancée wear whatever she wants on her special day, great, her happiness is certainly important. However, there are a few things to consider before completely throwing compromise out the window. Completely disregarding your family’s feelings could create tension on your wedding day and potentially strain future relationships.

Respect her decision.

It's important to respect your fiancée's boundaries. If she's dug in about the dress and unwilling to budge, pushing the issue could damage your relationship. In that case, you might need to decide if there's a compromise you can live with or if postponing the wedding is the best course of action. Focus on creating a wedding day that celebrates your love, even if it doesn't look exactly how you originally envisioned.

Our reader’s spouse was in the hospital fighting for his life, and the pressure was so intense that she essentially forgot she even had a child. To top it all off, her 8 y.o. son thought she didn’t love him anymore because the ex-wife decided to throw some shade. Now, our reader has to clean up this mess and convince her son that she’s not abandoning him.

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