If You’re Having a Bad Day, Here Are 25 Cats to Put a Smile on Your Face

4 years ago

When you’re in a bad mood and think that nothing can make it better, there is only one way to restore harmony in the world: look at a photo of a cute cat. We’re convinced that the internet was invented just to collect cat photos.

We at Bright Side found the cutest photos of cats. Here are some of them.

“It’s 4 am, time to get up!”

“How do you like my new outfit?”

“Why don’t you just feed me right now?”

Cleaning is serious business.

When a human says “meow”:

“I will always love you!”

It’s all under control.

The cat is broken.

When you see your ex:

Daddy’s girl

When the waiter is coming with the food:

Best yoga teacher

This is mine!


When you try to look a little bit taller:

A statue

When you couldn’t land properly:

Do you have something delicious?

I’ll catch!

Impeccable balance

Tell me it’s not Monday again...

The Lion Cat

Lunch time!

The best place in the universe is next to your human.

Cat, from below

Do you have a cat? Share its photo in the comment section below.


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