’’I’m Afraid to Take a Shower’’ Christina Applegate Gives Heartbreaking Updates on Her Intimate Struggles Due to MS

5 months ago

Christina Applegate gave us goosebumps as she shared extremely honest details about how badly multiple sclerosis is affecting her daily life. The 51-year-old actress noted, ’’With the disease of MS, it’s never a good day,’’ as she opened up about her fears and vulnerabilities which made us admire how brave she is.

Fear is part of her everyday life.

During a recent interview, Applegate reflected on the small blessings she used to overlook prior to being diagnosed with MS in 2021.

She noted that people ask her why she doesn’t take showers, and she explains that ’’getting in the shower is frightening.’’ The Dead to Me star added, ’’You can fall, you can slip, your legs can buckle. Especially because I have a glass shower. It’s frightening to me to get in there.’’

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The 51-year-old went on admitting ’’There are just certain things that people take for granted in their lives that I took for granted’’. She stated that some of them are simple daily tasks such as going down the stairs or carrying things.

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The actress revealed that she can still manage to drive short distances and carry food upstairs to her daughter Sadie Grace who is 12, but she made it clear that she struggles with going ’’down, never up.’’

She pointed out ’’Gravity can just pull you down and take everything down with you.’’

She’s not surrounded by too many people.


Despite the assumption that the actress has a support system of friends and family to assist her with everyday tasks, she revealed that she has kept her inner circle small since being diagnosed with MS. She admitted, ’’I actually don’t want to be around a lot of people because I’m immunocompromised.’’

Applegate shared that her friend lives with her during the week and assists her in taking care of Sadie. And on the weekends, a caretaker comes in.


Christina also mentioned that she prefers to avoid over-stimulation of her nervous system as it can be overwhelming for her. Therefore, she tries to maintain a quiet and relaxed environment as much as possible.

She explained, ’’Imagine just being in a crowd of people and how loud that is. It’s like 5,000 times louder for anyone who has lesions on their brains.’’

With all the consequences of her diagnosis, Applegate has also revealed that the SAG Awards earlier this year would be her last awards show, and she illuminated the red carpet walking hand in hand with her only daughter.

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My heart goes out to her. I have chronic health issues that affect heighten my sensitivities to smells, noise, touch, and sometimes taste. I can only imagine her difficulties with being over stimulated in her case, as it deeply increases my pain levels. I hope that her doctors can help with some medication combinations that may help ease some of the acute issues with these symptoms and help her to get some relief. Sending her thoughts of strength, courage, healing, and peace.

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