“I’m Not a Burden,” The Incredible Journey of an “Interabled” Couple Proving Love Beyond Limits

7 months ago

In a world quick to judge, Shane and Hannah’s love story defies stereotypes, challenging misconceptions about disability. The duo invites us to delve deeper into their extraordinary bond, showcasing a love that’s no different from any other. Today, we unfold their journey to happiness and mutual support, a narrative that resonates with the purest form of love.

The relationship feels special from the beginning.

Shane, living with spinal muscular atrophy since childhood, embraced life from a wheelchair. Their love story began over 6 years ago when Hannah reached out online, sparking a connection that has endured.

Obstacles don’t stop them from proving their love.

Despite tying the knot in September 2020, their “interabled” relationship faced harsh criticism.

In an interview, Shane shared the struggle against misconceptions, where people often mistook Hannah for a caregiver. In response, they bravely launched a YouTube channel, documenting their diverse life moments to break stereotypes and showcase their happiness.

Until... people feel their genuine love for each other.

With over 1,6 million subscribers on their channel, Shane and Hannah have become agents of positive change. Their fans, captivated by the couple’s chemistry, find inspiration and acceptance through their videos, reshaping societal views.

“Their chemistry is just off the charts, and they’re so fun to watch. I don’t even watch a lot of YouTube, but I started watching them once we got them on board. And they’re just so fun to watch, and I love all their videos,” said one of their fans in their Zoom interview.

Love and mutual support transform the lives of this couple for the better.

Beyond the screen, the couple’s life is relatable, marked by occasional disagreements. Shane humorously admits to lively debates, emphasizing the universal nature of their relationship.

“Hannah and I both have very passionate, stubborn personalities, so if I’m in the mood for pizza, and she’s hankering for sushi, you better believe there’s going to be a heated debate. I’m slowly learning the important lesson that my girlfriend is always right, no matter what,” Shane admitted.

Despite challenges, their love and mutual understanding shine, dispelling any sense of burden or deprivation.

In Shane’s words, “I feel for the first time in my life that I’m not a burden because Hannah is wholly there for me and doesn’t feel burdened by me.” Their story challenges preconceptions, proving that love knows no limits.

Another inspiring story comes from a woman who was born with a genetic disease. She documented her journey of getting through pregnancy.


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