My Husband Wants Us to Adopt His Niece — I Threatened to Leave Him

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5 months ago

Family always comes first, without a doubt. However, there are times when we find ourselves facing a dilemma where a decision could potentially save a family member but also have a life-changing impact and serious consequences on the rest of our lives. Sarah, a Bright Side reader, has recently shared her concerns about her husband’s decision to adopt his little niece, while she strongly opposes the idea.

So lets say 5 years down the road, you and your husband are in a terrible accident. Would you hope that a family member would step up to provide a home for your children? Yes, my dear, you are a horrible person, but you already know that don't you?


Hello Sarah! Thanks for reaching out to us. Here are some tips we trust you’ll find useful.

Open and honest communication

Sarah, initiating a calm and open conversation with Greg is crucial. Express your love for him and acknowledge his sense of responsibility towards family.

Explain that your hesitation is not a rejection of his family, but a genuine concern about your ability to provide the care Tammy needs. Share your fears about taking on such a significant decision, especially considering Tammy’s delicate health.

Seek professional guidance

Consider suggesting couples counseling or family therapy. A therapist can facilitate conversations, provide coping strategies, and help you both understand each other’s viewpoints. This step can demonstrate your commitment to finding a solution while ensuring that your concerns are addressed in a supportive environment.

Explore co-parenting options

Suggest exploring a co-parenting arrangement with Mandy. This could involve shared responsibilities where both families contribute to Tammy’s well-being without completely adopting her.

It’s essential to discuss boundaries and create a plan that prioritizes Tammy’s needs while respecting your desire to start your own family. This compromise might alleviate some of the pressure and a sense of collective duty among family members.

Financial and emotional planning

Engage in thorough financial and emotional planning. Discuss the potential impact of adopting Tammy on your lives, both emotionally and financially.

Create a realistic plan outlining how you can support Tammy’s needs and contribute financially in a more pragmatic manner, while still working towards your dream of having your own children.

Take a temporary pause

Propose a temporary break to allow both of you time to reflect and make decisions without feeling pressured. Suggest a time frame during which you can gather more information, seek advice, and think about the implications of adopting Tammy. This break can provide clarity and prevent impulsive decisions.

It’s essential to reassure Greg that this pause is not a rejection, but a way to ensure that both of you make a well-informed decision for the future.

We hope our tips can aid Sarah in finding a solution to her complex situation. Additionally, another Bright Side reader also sought advice on a family-related matter—her decision to decline babysitting her sister’s three kids unless she receives payment. You can read the full story here for more details.

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