“I’m Too Hot to Take My Kid to Nursery,” a 31-Year-Old Influencer Feels Discriminated for Her Looks

8 months ago

Kids tend to feel anxious before their first day of school, but it’s not just them. Moms may also experience some apprehension when dropping them off at school. Lena Nersesian has more reason than most to be anxious about taking her daughter to daycare, and we’ll tell you why.

The 31-year-old influencer, with an audience that exceeds 1.5 million followers on YouTube, claims that other women give her “death stares” every time she steps foot in her daughter’s preschool.

“I think some of these moms think I’ll hit on their husbands right there if they don’t watch my every move,” Lena joked as she confessed that she’s simply too hot to drop her little girl Parker off at daycare.

However, the social media star says she has a happy marriage to Adam John Grandmaison, the person in charge of the hit podcast No Jumper. In that sense, Lena feels indifferent to the opinion that other mothers may have about her profiles on digital platforms. “They can give me all the death stares they want; frankly, I couldn’t care less. If anything, it reflects badly on them,” the influencer commented.

“I’m not a homewrecker; I’m a successful blogger, entrepreneur, and businesswoman who built her brand from nothing, and my husband is just as successful. We respect ourselves and each other, regardless of what some people may think,” said Lena.

Despite her online success, Lena, who also has a degree in psychology and used to work with children with disabilities, noted that people don’t care about her entrepreneurial skills because they can’t see past her beauty.

She finds it sad that people still believe in such simplistic stereotypes, but there is nothing she can do about it. “I just hope that the next generation will not be as affected by them as they are today,” Lena said.

Aside from their unusual professional careers, the couple enjoys an ordinary family life that includes homemade meals, day trips to the park, and movie evenings. She commented that she is very sorry to disappoint their fans, but most of their home routine is surprisingly conventional and unexciting.

“I’m a big enthusiast and love to cook for the family; it can be anything from baking to grilling, but it’s a great time to spend with family,” Lena confessed. “I have Armenian roots and family has a huge importance in that culture. Those are the happiest moments for me,” she added.

Lena has also recently launched a new podcast series called Touchy Subjects,” where interviewees, including social media stars, reveal their innermost thoughts and no subject is considered taboo.

Her intention is to set an example for her daughter and other women, demonstrating that it is possible to maintain a successful career in entertainment, work and still be an excellent mother. “Working as a performer has given me immense freedom to pursue my goals. I had some time off after having my daughter, and it allowed me to reevaluate what I wanted to do,” she added.

Mothers are often criticized. And not only for their appearance, but also for their behavior and their decisions.


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