A Young Mom Defends Her Choice to Pierce an Infant’s Ears on the First Day of Her Life

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11 months ago

In today’s society, mothers often find themselves facing criticism and judgment for their choices and actions when it comes to raising their children. Whether it’s a decision about piercing their child’s ears, choosing their educational path, or even simply how they feed or dress their little ones, it seems that mothers are constantly under investigation.

This mother faced backlash for piercing her baby girl’s ears when she was only one day old.

The mother, who uses her daughter’s name — Lara — on TikTok, shared an innocent video comparing her baby girl’s appearance just hours after birth to when she was three months old.

She has faced criticism for piercing her newborn daughter’s ears shortly after giving birth in the hospital. Many parents argued that she should have waited until the child was older and able to decide for herself.

The newborn baby could be seen wearing a pair of flower earrings in the hospital.

The video shows the newborn wearing a small flower earring that was visible from her first day of life, sparking a heated debate in the comments section.

However, some individuals stood up for the mother’s choice by stating that it is very common in certain cultures to pierce the ears of young girls at an early age.

Many people stated their unnecessary opinion about this situation.

  • “Maybe it’s just me but on the day my children were born getting their ears pierced was very far down my list of concerns.” — starshapedmonkey
  • “It’s not just the ear-piercing. It’s the actual earrings! She’s a newborn, not Blanche from the Golden Girls. They’re huge! ” - goat.mum
  • “I never really judge other mums cos I know we’re all winging it, but I’m sorry, ONE day old? Seriously?! That’s ridiculous.” — emmahall_x

But, despite all the negativity, many others supported the young mother’s act.

  • “My mom pierced my ears when she got out of the hospital at three days old & I’m thankful. Would hate to have my ears pierced as an adult.” — ivonbeckley22
  • “Piercing babies’ ears as soon as they were born was and still is completely normal the sooner, the better. Their skin is softer, and it causes less pain.” — just._tasha
  • “Dang I wish I could have gotten my daughter’s ears pierced at one day old! I had to wait until she was at least 2 months old!” — posh.n.dosh

After all the drama that went down in the comment section, the mother said that newborns’ ear lobes are softer when they are still quite young, and her daughter didn’t feel any significant discomfort. In fact, she didn’t even react.

It’s easy criticizing other people’s lives and actions. But we have to understand that everyone has their own way of handling family. Meet Alicia who fell into the same situation as the mother above, after posting a video of feeding her children out of a baby pool.


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