Iranian Artist Explains the Nature of Our Life With a Pencil And a Few Things

4 years ago

Iranian artist Majid Khosroanjom has been drawing pictures since he was 15 years old. Now he has more than 110,000 subscribers on his Instagram page. And it's all thanks to his ability to see things from a new angle and convey this in his work. Majid can easily combine a Lego piece with an onion to show something that we've never even thought about.

We at Bright Side really enjoyed looking at Majid's works and we made a compilation of his works especially for you.

"Children remember everything."

"A book is a soul of the soul."

"We choose how to live our lives."

"It's important to get the right key."

"Give your relationship more opportunities."

"Knowledge is not always the key."

"How to use this?"

"Life is film."

"From different planets"

"Together no matter what"

"Can you see well?"


"It's all in your power."

"Rasing children"

"When everything is burning"

"That's better."

"So close and so unexpected"

"Don't make a child look after a child."

"Give up and accept me as Power."

"Just find a reason to be happy."

"An accident"

"Candy and kids"

What do you think about Majid's style? Which of his works did you like the best?

Preview photo credit khosroanjom_majid, khosroanjom_majid


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