Japanese Model, Risa Hirako, 51, Stuns Netizens With Her Youthful Look, and Shares Beauty Tricks With Her Fans

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It’s a well-known fact that Japanese women retain their youth much longer than other women in the world. There’s even a common joke that the age of a Japanese woman can only be known by the number of grandchildren that she has. Today’s featured heroine, Risa Hirako, is a model in her fifties, but people who look at her photos can never tell that she’s 51. Risa happily shares her secrets and keys to eternal youth, and our article will lift the veil on her special routine and lifestyle.

Risa is making a real stir among her fans.

Born in 1971, fashion star Risa Hirako is now 51 years old. But to many people and beauty observers, she looks like she’s in her early 20s. She’s become a real social media sensation and has over 240,000 followers on Instagram, and people are really curious about how she maintains her skin without a single wrinkle or a blemish in sight.

The model’s lifestyle is very far from a passive one.

Risa has a lot of activities that she devotes her life to. She never stops at one achievement and gets actively engaged in different spheres. Apart from being a model, Risa also lists herself as a producer and artist, and her own blog shows the extent of her success. She has her own photobooks, and many, many magazine covers displaying her ageless image.

Her Instagram page is living proof that her life is full of traveling, and she is the person who hardly stays at home enjoying the sweet coziness of her bed and TV.

Risa is mindful about taking care of her youthful image and style.

Apart from her lifestyle, Risa never forgets about the importance of seemingly small things in keeping a youthful image. One of these is her hairstyle. On her Instagram, she shares snapshots of her visiting her stylist and shares her hairstyle preferences in a caption.

She says, “Hair color and haircut. I had thin bangs made. I think the hair color is pink brown beige. I like thin bangs after a long time.” Risa seems to be an avid fan of bright, catchy colors like red and pink, and she chooses these colors for her styling and manicure.

An organic-based diet is this model’s must-have.

Risa Hirako often posts snaps where she’s eating healthy food. In one of her posts, she highlights the importance of organic ingredients in her life. She wrote, “I had lunch in an organic supermarket. I recommend the Kamado-baked pizza. Also, I ordered an iced matcha latte with oat milk and agave syrup. I often buy ingredients, organic cosmetics, and bath salts.”

Though she seems to keep a balanced diet, Risa doesn’t fully refrain from pizza or hamburgers, as we can see from her Instagram posts. She just opts for more healthy ingredients for this type of food, opting for more seafood.

What is the beauty care routine that is most helpful and works for you? Who is the embodiment of youth for you in your family?


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