Jennifer Garner Was Named the Most Beautiful Person Last Year, but It’s Her Inner Beauty That Deserves Admiration

4 years ago

She doesn’t just have a pretty face, but also a genuinely kind heart. Jennifer Garner is the living example of how an actress who is recognized for her talent and beauty maintains the balance of her life as a mother, a sincere friend, a businesswoman, and an activist.

Here at Bright Side, we collected some of the reasons why she radiates goodness and we are still surprised by how well she manages her time.

1. She is an incredible mom and Ben Affleck recognizes this, even after their breakup

Jennifer Garner is a devoted mother who tries to pick her 3 children up from school daily and spends as much time with them as possible. Last year on Mother’s Day her ex-husband Ben Affleck praised her as a “mother who has shown me the meaning of love.”

2. She’s known what it means to be a hardworking person since her childhood.

Her first experience with being on stage was thanks to her passion for ballet. Since she was a child, she practiced this demanding discipline that instilled in her that only real effort brings success. To this day she continues to practice ballet, although she has also added boxing to her training. She is definitely a fighter.

3. Fame has not changed her and she chooses to be natural.

Garner shares pieces of her life on her Instagram account where she doesn’t care about appearing without makeup or even in her nightgown. She always chooses joy over perfection. We can see her out getting coffee in the early morning or wearing a lovely scarf that her son knitted for her as a birthday present, even if it’s not the most glamorous accessory to wear.

4. Her most rewarding job is being a Save the Children ambassador.

For more than a decade she has been advocating for Save the Children’s early education programs. She is committed to pushing for better access to high-quality early childhood education and giving boys and girls around the world a healthy start. As she declared, this is one of the most important actions she can undertake.

5. She loves animals, and not just her dog, but her chickens too.

Jennifer Garner has hens at home. She used to say that if there isn’t a Chicken Lady Day, there really should be. She is definitely one and takes care of them as much as she does of her dog. She walks them, gives them their favorite food, and funnily says she “has naming rights on them.” She named 2 of her chickens Regina George and Hennifer.

6. She is a supportive friend.

Her friends can count on her during good and bad times. If a colleague premieres a series or releases their first movie, Garner is there to praise their work and, above all, remind them how great they are.

7. She is grateful to the people who believed in her talent.

She feels lucky to have had teachers that saw her as a creative person and thanked her high school librarian, who thought that she was worthy of her time and attention. She is grateful to those special people in her life for helping her to become who she is today.

8. She shares her love for a healthy lifestyle with others.

She claims to be a farmer girl and shares healthy recipes. On top of that, she is co-founder of Once Upon A Farm, an organic baby food company. Through this project, she wants to remind us how magical our soil is and how lucky we are to put its gifts directly into our kids’ hands.

9. She bypassed insecurity.

She was not the most beautiful girl in school, but this never stopped her. As she remembers, she was never the prom queen. Nevertheless, even if she was not the prettiest child, she thinks that “nerds laugh more” anyway.

10. She’s maintained an excellent relationship with the father of her children after their divorce.

Jennifer helped her then-husband overcome his alcohol addiction and their divorce has not stopped them from making plans together for the good of their children. What’s more, she continues supporting him in his career. The director of the film The Way Back recognized that when Affleck almost lost the role, due to a relapse, Garner called him and convinced him to not pull the plug on the movie.

11. She is a fully-involved activist.

Even though she spends a lot of her time supporting struggling children, Jennifer Garner also has time to get involved with other charities. In 2014, she joined the Invest in Us campaign where she appeared in A Path Appears, a PBS documentary that focuses on rural poverty among children in West Virginia.

12. She is proud of her long-lasting girlfriend tribe.

She is proud of maintaining long-lasting friendships. As she said, “There is nothing more important, other than your kids—no man, no relationship, no anything—than your girlfriends.” Nothing makes her happier than starting a great friendship again on a new shoot, like the case with her friend Maika Monroe.

What do you think is the best quality she has as a bright person? Share your thoughts with us about this inspiring actress.


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I guess they ran out of people to name or else they do not know what a beautiful woman looks like. She is attractive, but never beautiful.


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