Jennifer Lopez Causes Mixed Reactions With Her New Look: “Hate the Hair, Glasses Are Scary”

5 months ago

At 54, Jennifer Lopez stole the spotlight at the haute couture show in Paris. While some people found her look more “scary” than appealing, others were impressed by the outfit and accessories, proving that beauty is indeed subjective.

A stylish appearance

Berzane Nasser / ABACAPRESS.COM / ABACA / Abaca / East News

Jennifer Lopez looked stunning at the event, opting for a chic ensemble that included a textured white turtleneck paired with high-waisted black leggings. Adding a touch of glamour, she draped a coat made of flower petals over her outfit. The standout element was her bug-eye sunglasses, designed with an oval shape and antenna-like brim. To complete her glamorous look, she rocked bronzed cheeks and a matte pink lip.

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Opinions were divided on Jennifer Lopez’s outfit choice. Some weren’t impressed, “Hate the hair, glasses are scary. Cool jacket, though!” However, others appreciated it and were happy to see real skin texture, “I’m so happy to see nasolabial folds and crow’s feet. This is aging. I hope that we can all accept it more.”

It’s not the first time she stirred up controversy with her unique outfit choice.


Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, famously known as “Bennifer,” attended Elle’s 2023 Women in Hollywood event, capturing attention once again. However, at that time it wasn’t for their interactions but for JLo’s outfit, which stirred controversy. Some fans criticized her without understanding the symbolic meaning behind the bold choice.

Avalon / Photoshot / East News

Very degrading and untidy, She looks even matured. I don't like her anymore so as her husband they are just the same.


Jennifer Lopez showcased a unique and eye-catching shiny silver-blue chest plate at the event. The piece, crafted by Grace Ling, a Singaporean artist blending fashion and 3D tech for sustainable designs, was tailored to fit Lopez’s chest, shoulders, and upper body. It revealed her toned abs from the front and featured a completely open back. To complement the statement piece, Lopez paired it with a form-fitting, long, black skirt, accentuating her classic hourglass figure.

Celebrities, including Zendaya and Rihanna, have been rocking the attention-grabbing breastplate trend, turning it into a powerful symbol on the red carpet. Beyond just covering cleavage, this style representsmodern take on graceful femininity and strength, making a bold statement in the world of fashion.

JLo was honored with her fifth Elle’s Icon Award, “Of all the things I thought I would grow up to be when I was a little girl, the last thing on my list was icon.”. She highlighted the importance of breaking boundaries and celebrating women’s strengths in Hollywood during the event. Lopez emphasized that qualities often criticized in women, such as being emotional, are superpowers and integral to their identity. “That is what it is to actually be a woman,” she concluded.

Jennifer Lopez always looks stunning in any outfit, radiating positive energy and perfection in every way. Recently, she shared 4 beauty steps that she follows to age gracefully.

Preview photo credit Berzane Nasser / ABACAPRESS.COM / ABACA / Abaca / East News


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