Jennifer Lopez Slammed for “Rude” Response to a Guest’s Question on the Red Carpet

2 months ago

Social media is buzzing with criticism for Jennifer Lopez’s “rude” behavior toward a Met Gala guest, as seen in a viral video shared on Instagram and TikTok.

At the Met Gala, J. Lo, 54, caused a stir with her short response to a red carpet reporter. The event made headlines for other reasons too, like a salmon farming tycoon stealing the spotlight and Kim Kardashian getting flak for wearing a cardigan.

With the dress code themed around "The Garden of Time" and the exhibition titled "Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion," there was a lot of room for creativity among fashion designers dressing celebrities. People were eager to see what everyone would wear.

As Lopez made her way up the iconic Met Gala red carpet, adorned in a breathtaking silver gown that seemed to carry its own weight, she found herself approached by Anika Reed, a senior editor from USA Today. With the buzz of cameras and the anticipation of the night filling the air, Reed asked the simple yet essential question: "Who are you wearing tonight?"

J. Lo's response was brief, almost dismissive: "Schiaparelli." With a quick once-over glance, she seemed to size up Reed before moving on, her attention drifting away without much fanfare. Reed, keen to capture every moment of the star-studded event, recorded the exchange, later sharing it on social media with the caption: "#metgala co-chair @jlo briefly told me about her look for the night: @schiaparelli ✨."

Many social media users didn't hold back their disappointment in Lopez's treatment of Reed, taking to various online platforms to voice their disapproval. One Instagram user criticized her, "So rude," while another condemned her behavior as "always mean" and "just unclassy."

Another person had strong opinions on the matter, stating, "She didn’t even bother to look at the poor woman", or, "Why is she giving mean girl vibes?".

While some admired Lopez’s attire, there was clear disdain for her personality, as one user remarked, “The dress is incredible, the person wearing it not so much.” The incident sparked a flurry of commentary, revealing the public’s mixed feelings towards the celebrity.

Despite the criticism, it was surprising to many that the dress worn by J. Lo had taken more than 800 hours to be made.


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