Jennifer Lopez Wears a Met Gown That Took 800+ Hours to Make — But People Are Feeling Sad for Her

2 months ago

Jennifer Lopez showcased her unparalleled style at the prestigious 2024 Met Gala. Striding onto the iconic Met steps, she assumed her role as co-chair alongside Zendaya, Chris Hemsworth, and Bad Bunny, exuding her signature glamour and elegance. And while she looked undeniable gorgeous, people were noticing the same thing.

DPRF/STAR MAX/IPx/Associated Press/East News, ANGELA WEISS/AFP/East News

Adhering to the "Garden of Time" dress code, the 54-year-old Lopez stunned in a sheer Schiaparelli Haute Couture gown, adorned with sparkling embellishments resembling butterfly wings.

She complemented her ethereal ensemble with mesmerizing jewels from Tiffany & Co., while elegantly styling her hair in a slightly tousled topknot.


Her gown, a masterpiece of craftsmanship, demanded over 800 hours of meticulous hand embroidery. Crafted with 2,500,000 silver foil bugles and beads, its beauty was not confined to the front; from every angle, including the back, it radiated sheer magnificence.

© Sipa USA / Alamy Stock Photo, ANGELA WEISS/AFP/East News

Online, fans showered praise upon the Maid in Manhattan star for her glamorous appearance and fabulous silhouette. One fan exclaimed, "Gorgeous and stunning as always!" while another noted, "Incredible. She’s an inspiration."

DPRF/STAR MAX/IPx/Associated Press/East News, © Sipa USA / Alamy Stock Photo

However, numerous observers couldn't overlook the fact that the star appeared unhappy, with many noting the absence of her husband, Ben Affleck, from the event. One individual commented, "Looks lovely but unhappy. Trouble in paradise?" while another added, "J. Lo is looking really miserable of late."

A considerable number of fans were worried and asked, "Where’s Ben?" Additionally, someone pointed out, "Even Matt Damon was there."

We can definitely agree that Jennifer exuded radiance at this year’s Met Gala. If you’re keen on exploring more stunning looks from the grand event, be sure to check our ranking of the most striking appearances of the night.

Preview photo credit Sipa USA / Alamy Stock Photo, DPRF/STAR MAX/IPx/Associated Press/East News


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