John Travolta and Kelly Preston’s Love Has Been Through a Lot, but Their Feelings Have Only Gotten Stronger

4 years ago

This is not your ordinary Hollywood couple that has lived happily ever after. John Travolta and Kelly Preston’s story began in a complicated way and went through some dark times. But after 28 years of marriage, this love story makes us believe in true love, even if it didn’t start out as a fairytale or a romantic movie script.

We at Bright Side were amazed by all the things this couple has to teach us, and we wanted to share them with you.

Kelly was tangled in a relationship when she met John.

When John and Kelly met at a screen test back in 1989 for the movie The Experts, she was married, not happily married according to her, but still in a relationship. That complicated things, because they were in the public eye, but it wasn’t enough to make John forget about her.

It took 2 years for them to get married.

In 1991, John got on one knee and proposed to Kelly. It was a big surprise for everyone since they had not been together for that long, but she accepted and they were engaged and really happy. Kelly said the feeling was so strong, she believed it was love at first sight.

Kelly was pregnant with their son Jett when they exchanged vows and in 2000 they had a daughter together, named Ella Bleu. They were always the most supporting and loving parents to both of their kids. They were experiencing a good moment in their lives.

They had to learn how to give one another space.

In 2009 John and Kelly lost their firstborn son, Jett, due to a seizure during a vacation trip to the Bahamas. This caused a big hole in their lives and the family started to go through a really hard time.

It was by giving each other the space to grieve and being there for each other that things started to turn around. In 2010, Kelly gave birth to their third child, a little boy named Benjamin, that, according to John, brought light and joy back into their house. It was at this point that they were ready to start changing the mood of their home and lives again.

After 28 years, they are still thankful to have each other.

Recently they celebrated 28 years together. The couple that has been through thick and thin, didn’t hold anything back when complimenting each other and showing their love and affection in their Instagram posts.

The actress said that her wonderful husband makes her feel that, as long as they are together, everything is okay. While John thanked Kelly for all the love she gives him and their kids. Showing that they have overcome the lows and enjoyed the highs, and it has only made their love stronger.

Are you someone, or do you know someone, that has been in a relationship for a long time? Share your amazing love story in the comments!


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