Kaley Cuoco Says Her One Parenting Hack Works for Her and She Doesn’t Care If People Will “Hate Me for That”

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5 months ago

Kaley Cuoco is dishing out some valuable tips for new parents, and she’s not afraid to be a bit unconventional. In a recent interview, the 38-year-old Big Bang Theory actress spilled the beans on a few parenting tricks she’s learned during the past nine months with her baby daughter Matilda. She acknowledged that her advice might not be everyone’s cup of tea.

Cuoco boldly admitted, “Some people are going to hate on me for that. Don’t care.”

She went on to reveal that one of her non-negotiable parenting hacks involves screen time. According to her, “My daughter has seen every Disney movie that there is at this point, and she loves it!”

Kaley Cuoco finds joy in reliving her Disney favorites and discovering new films with her daughter, a shared experience with her partner Tom Pelphrey, 41. She highlights the pleasure of bonding with her toddler during these moments. “That’s great. To me, that’s wonderful,” she says.

Parenting has no rulebook.

When her daughter becomes a bundle of energy, Cuoco finds solace in placing her on the couch with a Disney movie for a brief respite—10 minutes of tranquility that she cherishes. She recognizes that each mother has her own preferences, acknowledging that some may opt for a TV-free approach, but for her and her family, this screen time strategy works perfectly.

“There’s maybe the next mom who doesn’t want them to watch TV, and that’s fine too. But that definitely works for us,” Cuoco explains.

Little Matilda is a Disney Princess herself.

Last week, the actress made an appearance at a special screening of her new Prime Video film, Role Play. On the red carpet, she shared updates about her daughter Matilda’s recent achievements. When asked about her current favorite aspect of motherhood, Cuoco playfully mentioned the joy of being out without her daughter.

Shifting gears, the new mom expressed her love for her growing family. In another interview, the Young Sheldon actress revealed, “I love her so much. She is very funny. What I love the most is that she finds me hilarious. I am her 24/7 clown entertainment, and I’ve never had more laughs than I do in our house with this baby. It’s my favorite thing now.”

The family looks absolutely beautiful! Before you leave, don’t miss the adorable article about Kaley Cuoco’s baby daughter saying “Mama” for the first time. It’s a heartwarming moment you wouldn’t want to miss!

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