Kevin Costner, Head of a Blended Family and Father of 7, Shared How He Managed to Love Each of His Kids Equally

Having a big family can be quite difficult but mostly wonderful at the same time. Kevin Costner proved to everyone that parental love can be equally spread no matter the number of kids you have. Loving one doesn’t mean not loving the other.

His first marriage gifted him with 3 lovely children.

Kevin Costner met Cindy Silva, an aspiring actress, while both were students at California State University in the city of Fullerton. Silva was Costner’s first partner he tied the knot with. They got married in 1978, a time when Silva spent her summers acting as a princess at Disneyland. That’s why Costner sometimes referred to her as Snow White.

In 1984, 6 years after the couple had been married, their daughter, Annie, was born. Lily, their second daughter, was born in 1986, and Joe, their son, in 1988. Despite a happy 16-year-long marriage, the couple got divorced in 1994.

Kevin Costner’s relationship with Bridget Rooney

Costner and Rooney’s relationship wasn’t long-lived, as it only lasted a year. Still, Rooney gave birth to Costner’s fourth child, a boy named Liam.

His second marriage gifted him with another group of 3 toddlers.

At the beginning of his relationship with former model Christine Baumgartner, Costner had a feeling that he might not be ready to have another child. However, he quickly changed his mind, and the couple got engaged back in 2003 and married in 2004. Ever since then, they’ve been happy parents of 3 children.

Being a father after 50

Becoming a father to a fifth child at the age of 52 may seem challenging to many, but not for Costner. Still, the actor had one fear. He explained that he was concerned about not raising his fifth child in the same manner as he did his first. Costner worried that he might pass away too soon, leaving his son to be raised by someone else.

The difficulties caused by the 26-year age gap between his kids

Costner has also been open about a few of his difficulties with fatherhood. He said honestly that raising children was a very intense job, especially in his case, as he had to combine 2 sets of kids from 2 separate marriages.

He claimed that his children had questioned him about which pair he preferred more. Although he knew that this was a normal occurrence, he had to reassure them that loving one person does not imply that you love the other one less.

His love for children didn’t stop over the years.

In an Instagram post, Costner talked about his actions at the Siskin Children’s Institute. He said that he has gotten into the habit of visiting the lovely children at the institute each year and helping them how he can with donations and just simply being there with them. Even after having 7 kids of his own, Costner still has love in his heart for children.

What do you think of his fatherhood journey? What’s your opinion about loving firstborn kids more than secondborn ones?


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