Kim Kardashian’s Daughter North West Eats a Raw, Unpeeled Onion Like a Snack, and People Have Questions

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8 months ago

Seems like the Kardashians decided to change the old saying from “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” to their own twist: “an ONION a day keeps the doctor away.” And in a recent episode, Kim Kardashian shared a few details about her daughter’s fondness for eating onions.

You’re the apple onion of my eye.

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“Like mother, like daughter” took on a whole new meaning as fans were in for a surprise when Kim Kardashian’s daughter, North West, fearlessly chowed down on a raw onion just like it was an apple during an episode of “The Kardashians.”

In the kitchen, where they were preparing sushi and fried chicken, the 10-year-old took a bold bite out of a sweet onion that hadn’t even been peeled.

Kardashian, 43, inquired with amazement, “Can you eat it like that?” as she watched her eldest child enjoy the pungent vegetable.

“She eats veggies like apples.”

North West asked her mom, still munching on the onion, if she wanted some. Kim declined, remarking with a smile, “No, thanks. You’re just going to eat an onion like an apple? This is what she does, people.” She turned to the cameras and mentioned that she snacks on veggies just like they’re apples.

Kardashian went over to North and gave her a bunch of kisses on her cheek. Then she turned away and said, “Oh, my gosh, this onion breath is going to make me cry!”

North, giggling, blew her onion breath toward her mom’s nose and said, “No, it’s so strong. Oh, my gosh, my eyes are literally tearing. How do you not tear?”

North then flashed a big smile before Kardashian high-fived her, telling her, “We’re the best chefs.”

In a confessional, Kim mentioned, “Kourtney [Kardashian] says North is my lesson on this planet. It means that I’m supposed to learn even more patience. She teaches me patience and has taught me a lot about life.”

You know what? Maybe they truly are the best chefs. And if you don’t believe us, there’s an article where more than 20 people hoped for a tasty meal, but the chef’s creativity ruined their appetite.

Preview photo credit The Kardashians / Hulu


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