Leonardo DiCaprio Nearly Lost “Titanic” Role Over His Attitude in Audition, and What He Did Is Truly Unexpected

9 months ago

Titanic made history as the first movie to cross the incredible $1 billion mark. It’s fascinating to discover that Leonardo DiCaprio almost missed out on portraying his iconic character due to a disagreement during the audition process with James Cameron, the renowned director. Let’s see what really happened.

Cameron shared some interesting insights about the making of the film.

Cameron shared his recollection of the events, explaining that there was a meeting with Leonardo DiCaprio followed by a screen test. He found the meeting quite amusing as he sat in his conference room eagerly awaiting the actor’s arrival and noticed that all the women in the office had gathered for the occasion, excited to meet Leo.

Reflecting on the initial meeting, Cameron mentioned that DiCaprio charmed everyone and left a positive impression. As a result, he was asked to come back for another session, where he would have a reading with Kate Winslet, who had already been cast. However, Cameron acknowledged that this second encounter didn’t go smoothly at first.

Cameron recounted the sequence of events, mentioning that DiCaprio returned a couple of days later.

Unknown to DiCaprio, Cameron had set up the camera to record a video. DiCaprio assumed it was another meeting to meet Kate Winslet. Cameron then explained the situation, saying, “Okay, let’s just go in the next room and run some lines. I’ll video it.”

DiCaprio’s response was unexpected, as he expressed, “You mean, I’m reading?” Cameron confirmed, and DiCaprio hesitated, saying, “Oh, I don’t read.” In response, Cameron shook his hand and thanked him for coming, but DiCaprio quickly realized the stakes, asking, “Wait, if I don’t read, I don’t get the part? Just like that?”

He was that close to never be the Jack of our hearts.


Cameron made it clear that for such a monumental movie that would demand years of commitment, he couldn’t afford to make the wrong casting decision. He firmly stated, “You’re going to read, or you’re not going to get the part.”

Despite his initial reluctance, DiCaprio agreed to read for the role. According to Cameron, DiCaprio carried an air of negativity and frustration until the moment the camera started rolling. However, as soon as the director called “Action,” a remarkable transformation took place. DiCaprio seamlessly stepped into the character of Jack, and the scene came alive.

Oleg Nikishin/East News

Cameron vividly described the change, explaining that Kate Winslet’s face lit up with excitement, and it felt as if a burst of sunshine had pierced through the dark clouds. It was in that pivotal moment that Cameron knew without a doubt, “He’s the guy.”

So yes, the Titanic remains an enthralling and emotionally poignant depiction of a profoundly tragic moment in history. It is impossible to mention this film without conjuring images of Rose and Jack, forever engraved in our collective consciousness as the quintessential embodiment of love.

Preview photo credit Oleg Nikishin/East News, Titanic / Twentieth Century Fox and co-producers


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