David Beckham’s Daughter, 12, Debuts Long Acrylic Nails and Divides Opinions

8 months ago

Whether it’s sharing kisses on the lips or allowing their 12-year-old daughter to wear a revealing slip dress for her birthday party, the Beckhams frequently generate online discussions. Victoria Beckham has ignited another debate on the internet by posting images of her daughter Harper seemingly wearing a full set of acrylic nails. Numerous followers expressed worries about a child being encouraged to grow up too fast and don accessories that might not be suitable for her age.

Like mother, like daughter.

Victoria Beckham, the famous ex-Spice Girl turned fashion icon, shared three mirror selfies with a big smile. Her daughter took these pictures and looked stylish in her mom’s silky robe. The set of photos ended with a fourth one, where Victoria herself was wearing the same fancy robe with her hair wrapped up in a cozy towel. “I don’t know where she gets it from,” the fashion designer joked.

People had mixed reactions.

But one thing that interested Victoria’s massive following of 31 million people was Harper’s nails. In all three selfies, you can clearly see the young one’s pink decorated nails, which has led to different opinions among the people commenting on Instagram.
One concerned fan wrote: “This young girl looks like a twenty year old”. Another Instagram user commented: “Isn’t she only 11... Acrylic nails! Maybe let her be a child for 5 minutes”.

This is not the first time Beckhams has sparked a debate on social media.

Earlier this year, when Harper turned 12, many people online didn’t like that her parents let her wear a dress that showed a lot of skin. Some people said a dress like that wasn’t right for a young girl like Harper. They thought kids should wear clothes that show they are still young and innocent. Wearing a dress with parts that show a lot might make others think differently about her. They were worried that if Harper wore this kind of dress at her age, she might get the attention she shouldn’t or give the wrong impression.

She’s used to getting pampered.

Harper Beckham is used to getting fancy beauty treatments even when she was really little. At just 4 years old, Victoria Beckham took her to a fancy salon to get her nails done.
Victoria posted a picture of this on Instagram. “Big girl having her nails done,” she captioned the photo.

David Beckham consistently stirs up online debates whenever he uploads a picture of himself kissing his daughter on the lips. As a caring and affectionate father, the former soccer player, who is now retired, recently went on Instagram to reveal that his daughter sometimes joins him and his wife for sleepovers. He deeply values each moment he spends with his kids and perceives no harm in showering them with his affection.


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