Linda Hunt Met Her Partner Before Fame, and Everything We Know About Them

10 months ago

It’s no secret that Linda Hunt has had a legendary career spanning several decades, but what has caught our attention, even more, is her equally extraordinary love life. She met her true love when she was not yet famous and always considered herself as ’not beautiful or pretty.’ But we are here to say that she is more than just pretty. Let’s explore how her love life began and where she is now.

The 78 -year-old actress is a Hollywood legend.

Linda Hunt is widely recognized and celebrated for her portrayal of the tenacious Hetty Lange on CBS’s NCIS: Los Angeles. Her character has gained a cult following among fans of the show, and she has become an LGBTQ+ icon due to her open and proud marriage to Karen Kline.

She has started her career in theater but, she acknowledges that the theater wasn’t an obvious choice for stardom. Hunt said, “For me to want to be an actor was an improbable idea. I wasn’t beautiful or pretty in any conventional way.”

Although Hunt’s career has been defined by her role on NCIS: Los Angeles since 2009, her journey as an actress had a humble beginning. You may recall seeing her in films such as Kindergarten Cop, Silverado, and The Year of Living Dangerously. Despite the initial challenges, Hunt’s talent and dedication have propelled her to great heights in the entertainment industry.

But she managed to become a Hollywood legend despite her disability and find her true love.

While Linda Hunt’s professional career may have experienced a lull in the early 2000s, her personal life was flourishing. During this period, she embarked on a long-lasting romance with Karen Kline, who is a therapist. In 2008, they took their love a step further and tied the knot, marking it as one of the most significant and joyful moments in Hunt’s life.

In the same year that California legalized same-sex marriage, Hunt and Kline celebrated their own marriage. They had been in a committed relationship for several years before taking this important step. Their love story began in 1987, and throughout their time together, they have shared many precious moments.

They don’t like sharing details of their relationship with the press and are not on social media.

Hunt and Kline have been inseparable for over 35 years, and their love continues to flourish. While the exact details of how they met remain unknown, Hunt has shared some insights about their life. While Hunt and Kline have not become parents to children, their family includes three adorable dogs.

We can all agree that their enduring relationship is indeed a rarity in today’s world. Their deep bonds and shared interests, such as their love for dogs, psychology, and affection, have been key factors in their long-lasting partnership. When Hunt is not occupied on the “NCIS: LA” set, she finds solace at home with Kline. Their home serves as a personal sanctuary where they can fully embrace their little paradise alongside their cherished pets.

As Hunt gracefully embraces her age, she understandably chooses to work less and savor more precious moments at home with her beloved partner, Karen Kline. They are such a lovely couple who have created a beautiful home and a strong marriage! May they continue to build cherished memories together for years to come.


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