Madonna Reveals Her 5 Non-Negotiable “House Rules” for Her Kids

7 months ago

Parenting rules are important values that can help children become well-rounded and respectful individuals. Madonna recently shared her approach to motherhood by posting a photo on Instagram. The snapshot displayed her “house rules,” which consist of 5 essential principles. It’s great to see the pop star using her platform to share these lessons with her kids and her followers.

The 64-year-old star, who is a mother of 6, revealed her mantra for mothering to her fans by holding up a board with some rules written on it. Her children include twins Estere and Stella (10), daughter Mercy James (17), son David (17), daughter Lourdes (26), and son Rocco (22).

Here are the 5 non-negotiable “house rules” that she disclosed:

1. “Smile” — a simple yet powerful reminder to find joy in life’s moments and spread positivity.

2. “Be happy” — this is a great rule to live by, as it encourages gratitude and contentment.

3. “Listen to others” — active listening is a valuable skill that can help children develop empathy and understanding toward others.

4. “Speak kindness” — kindness is an important value to instill in children, as it builds trust and fosters healthy relationships.

5. “Be happy with what you have” — this rule teaches children the importance of respecting other people’s property and not taking what doesn’t belong to them.

Madonna also opened up about her parenting style in a January interview where she admitted that being raised by her as a mother is “a challenge” for her children. The Queen of Pop acknowledged that motherhood is “the most difficult, the hardest battle” she has faced and that she is still learning how to balance her job with being a mother. She further elaborated that she is still struggling to figure out how to be a good mother while pursuing her career.

The singer-songwriter also expressed her appreciation for the art of raising children, stating that it’s a work of art that requires a lot of effort and dedication, regardless of who you are. She highlighted that there is no manual on how to be a good parent and that it requires learning from one’s mistakes. According to her, parenting is a profession that demands a lot of time and energy, with no room for rest. Despite the challenges, Madonna finds happiness in seeing her children discover their creativity and pursue their passions.

Moreover, the star shared that while she has never explicitly pushed her children toward certain art forms, such as Lola to music or Rocco to painting, she has always exposed them to different forms of art and music. She expressed her joy in seeing how her children have grown and developed their own creative interests and pursuits. “I’m happy with how they are today. And I’m proud of their work,” she said.

Madonna also shared that her children have been involved in the preparation for her upcoming world tour, The Celebration Tour. The tour marks the 40th anniversary of her career, and her children have been assisting her in the planning process.

The singer provided her fans with a glimpse into her tour preparation by sharing behind-the-scenes footage on her Instagram Stories. In the footage, the pop icon brought her 4 youngest children into the rehearsal room. She captioned one of the photos, “What is a life without friends and family?” She also shared several snapshots of her children dressed in all-black outfits.

Twins Estere and Stella donned black T-shirts and track pants, while Mercy James posed in a graphic T-shirt and jeans. Madonna also shared a black-and-white photo of her son, David, playing the guitar, seated behind a microphone setup.


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