Madonna’s Incredibly Youthful Face at the Grammys Leaves Everyone Stunned, and a Close Source Reveals Why She’s Changing Her Features

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The Queen of Pop has always stunned fans with her changing looks and style transformations. And recently, while the 64-year-old took the stage to present at the 65th Annual Grammy Awards, her incredibly smooth face and glowing complexion didn’t leave anyone indifferent. And a source close to Madonna went on to uncover what the star wants to achieve by transforming her look.

She turned heads with her appearance.

Madonna, who has 7 Grammys herself, went on stage at the latest award ceremony as a presenter.
The icon expressed words of gratitude to all those who aren’t afraid to dare to do things their own way. She said, “You need to know that your fearlessness does not go unnoticed. You are seen. You are heard, and most of all, you are appreciated.”

And all eyes were on the charismatic singer, who wore a monochromatic ensemble, complete with a fitted black jacket paired with a long black skirt featuring a high slit on the right side.

She styled her hair with a center part, braided into 2 sections that were secured on each side. 2 additional smaller braids hung in front of her face, adding a bold touch to her style.

But what really caught everyone’s attention was the fabulous 64-year-old’s smooth, wrinkle-free skin, and fans were quick to comment that she was “aging backward.”

The singer, who has never confirmed nor denied having work done, noted back in 2012, “I am certainly not against plastic surgery. However, I am absolutely against having to discuss it.”

She wants high cheekbones.

picture-alliance/ dpa/EAST NEWS

A source close to Madonna revealed that the star gives very big importance to a specific facial feature, the cheeks. The source explained that Madonna believes “puffy cheeks hide the aging lines.”

Moreover, the source dished, "She wants to look like ’2000s Madonna,’ adding that the singer wants the higher cheekbones she was famous for — and the best way to achieve those is with filler.’’

Whether she underwent cosmetic procedures or not, we believe that being comfortable in your own skin is what matters most. And the way Madonna radiates confidence and self-love is what makes her undeniably appealing and charismatic.

What do you think of Madonna’s transformation?


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You think this is attractive? You're either blind or deluded, or both!


If!! she had surgery. She paid for the surgeons beach house this time around haha. Horrific.


Horrible, she does not look young at all, looks like a spooky scary alien... Gives me the creeps


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