Meet a Baby Zebra and Her Rhino Buddy — Helping Each Other When They Were Not Feeling Well

9 months ago

The world’s largest rhino orphanage, Care for Wild, does its best to rescue, treat, release, and safeguard the animals it takes in. In the wild, a young rhino and a young zebra were left parentless, and the sanctuary welcomed them, watching them become the best of buddies. But it appears that their bond goes beyond mere friendship.

They found the zebra first.

After severe storms and heavy rain, they stumbled upon an abandoned Modjadji zebra. Even though they were skilled at looking after rhinos, the team couldn’t simply leave the little zebra alone. They affectionately named the baby zebra Modjadji, which signifies “rain queen,” in honor of her past. The poor creature had several illnesses, but the staff cared for her and did their best to help her get better.

Not long after, the baby rhino arrived.

Shortly after finding Modjadji, the team came across a very young rhino that still had its umbilical cord attached. The sanctuary staff quickly rescued the rhino, rushing her to the intensive care unit. The calf was incredibly fragile, needing round-the-clock care from a nurse to watch over her health, maintain her body temperature, and ensure she received all the essential nourishment.

Once his buddy had fully recovered, a new friend arrived at the center.

As she slowly regained her strength, she crossed paths with Aquazi, a fellow rhino who was also a patient in the intensive care unit. Despite the unconventional nature of their friendship, their companionship blossomed. Aquazi, the initial rhino, fully recovered and left the intensive care unit. Another rhino took his spot, and Modjadji swiftly struck up a friendship with the newcomer.

While the baby’s abandonment remains unclear, the guards brought her to Care for Wild to protect her from hyenas. It’s worth noting that her discovery coincided with a tragic period when poachers killed hundreds of rhinos in just a few days. They gave her the name Daisy, and she was in a dire condition, requiring constant attention and care. Her survival was uncertain.

Modjadji, the zebra, is a great companion for the baby rhino.

Once Aquazi was moved out of the ICU, Modjadji began to bond with Daisy, and the two quickly became close friends. The sanctuary observed Modjadji’s kindness and nurturing behavior, noting how the zebra brought great comfort to the rhino.

After a month of being together, the two orphaned animals have become like sisters. Wherever you see one of them, the other is not far behind.

About their remarkable friendship, Rachael Pfeiffer, an employee at the Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary, remarked, “Modjadji is an amazing company for Daisy and very affectionate toward her. They cuddle together at night, which gives Daisy comfort and security. She is a friend who can be with her 24/7, which helps prevent too much human contact with Daisy.”

We have a deep appreciation for animals, and their friendships are truly heartwarming. If you enjoy heartwarming animal connections, look at this article, where we introduce you to Simon and Leonardo, an unlikely pair of a disabled baby cow and a giant tortoise who are always there for each other.


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