Meet Marvin, a Cat Who Comforts His Dog Buddy Who’s Scared of Thunderstorms

3 years ago

Mary Barnes adoptedcat named Marvin half a year ago, thinking that it would be a good companion for her 7-year-old dog, Moose. But in addition to becoming a great playmate, the cat now helps Moose overcome anxiety while storms, fireworks, and other loud noises make the dog nervous.

We were so moved by this friendship here at Bright Side, that we couldn’t help but share it with you!

Moose became anxious because of loud storms in her new place.

Since Mary Barnes moved to a new apartment in noisy downtown Detroit, her 7-year-old dog Moose became sensitive to loud noises like thunderstorms and fireworks. She would start panicking and trembling, and would go hide in the shower because it was her “safe place.”

The new family member, Marvin, turned out to be a good friend.

“Giving Moose treats or keeping her busy with games didn’t really help,” Mary shared with us. That’s why half a year ago, she decided to take a cat from a shelter, figuring that Moose wouldn’t feel as lonely and scared with it around.

Though Mary was worried about them getting along since Moose had never interacted with cats before, they quickly became best friends and now they nap and play together all day long.

According to Mary, Marvin seems to have the personality of a dog, so they spend almost all their time together.

Marvin felt that his older sister was afraid so he came to support her.

Marvin was never afraid of thunder or heavy rain, but as a big storm began, he started worrying about his big sister and wouldn’t let her go through this stress alone. Marvin checked on Moose in the shower all the time and gave her kisses which distracted her from the noises outside and gave her comfort. And when the storm passed, both got back to playing and goofing around.

Now Marvin is always on guard, taking care of his sister when storms occur. Mary admitted that she would’ve never guessed that the kitty would give Moose so much comfort every time she needed it.

Do you have pets? We’d be happy to hear about how they get along together and see their pics in the comment section below!


That's great to hear! You don't always hear stories of cats and dogs getting along unless they have been together since the start.
It is amazing how animals chose us at shelters. Maybe Marvin has ESP and new there was a do in need.
My friend's hobby: photographing his cat and dogsitting quietly side by side :p
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