Meet Ruger, an Adopted Dog Who Accompanied His Best Friend to His First Day of School All the Way to Graduation

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Time passes so quickly nowadays that it feels like it was just yesterday that you graduated from high school. And life feels completely different when you have a puppy that was there for you during all these years. Today, we have Ruger, a puppy who made it all the way to his buddy’s graduation day. “No matter what grade I was in, I always have memories of coming home and getting greeted by Ruger at the door,” Ryan, Ruger’s owner, says.

The family adopted Ruger over a decade ago.

Ruger has been a beloved and adored member of the family for more than 10 years, ever since the day he was adopted. Dylan was still a small kid when Ruger joined the household; he was just a little puppy at the time. The 2 instantly bonded and got very close to one another.

They’ve seen so much together since their younger years.

Dylan and Ruger shared a childhood altogether, and Ruger shared in all the significant events and priceless experiences that shaped Dylan into the young man he is today. Ruger was a young puppy on Dylan’s first day of school, and the 2 posed for a picture to capture the moment.

One day, Dylan’s mother was going through some old photos.

Going through the old photos, Corie Bliss, Dylan’s mother, had the brilliant idea to recreate the lovely picture from Dylan’s first day of school when he was graduating from high school years later. The image turned out beautifully and lovingly, passionately, and perhaps a little bit bittersweetly, representing the passing of time. Dylan was pleased to have a photo that precisely captured Ruger’s significance in his life and the loyalty and affection the 2 of them have. Corie experienced great emotion when she compared the images, side by side.

He has always been considered a member of their family.

Ruger has always been, and still is, a crucial member of the family. Over the years, he has participated in both exciting and unforgettable events, giving the family endless, priceless memories. Ruger’s trip will, regrettably, shortly come to an end. The elderly dog has been fighting cancer for a while, and soon it will be time for him to rest.

Until the very end...

And right now, they’re making the most of the time they still have. Both sweet little Ruger and his family are still creating memories. For the time being, they are concentrating on their feelings of love and affection for one another and making the most of their time spent together.

How do you feel about Ruger? Share your thoughts in the comments, we want to know how you feel after reading his story.

Preview photo credit Corie Bliss / Facebook


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