Men Share 13 Things From Movies They Wish Women Would Stop Expecting Them to Do

2 years ago

It might seem like rom-coms are the epitome of true love that lasts forever. Yet, come to think of it, a lot of things we’re so used to seeing are actually either weird or creepy. To top it all off, being head over heels in love might already make your behavior awkward enough, so beware of what you watch.

Bright Side found 13 things that rom-coms have always lied to us about.



Be charming and attractive despite many objective faults.

Movie: can’t get his life together, arrogant, but is Matthew McConaughey.

Real life: better get our lives together and not be bad and arrogant, ’cause we don’t look like Matthew McConaughey.
take5b / Reddit



If you say “just go” and walk away, I will never turn around and run after you. I will never shout “wait!” and run through pouring rain. I will slowly turn the car around and drive away, trying to deal with this heartbreak. That never gets someone to “prove their love” it just destroys relationships.
Unknown user / Reddit



Decorate the loft building roof with lights, flowers, and candles, and have food and drink ready for the magical moment. Or even to have access to a loft building and its roof. The last loft building I had access to would fine you $500 for going onto the roof. Romance can happen at ground level, you know.
masterpososo / Reddit



The ridiculously lavish lifestyles and impossible jobs these people have. No one is living in a 4000 square foot mansion in Santa Barbara working as a flower shop owner who only works 2 hours a week, so the rest of her time can be available for romantic misunderstandings.
SeaTie / Reddit



My ex loved watching Friends, visited New York, then came back home and demanded we just drop everything and move to NY. I was 21, self-employed working hard in a field that’s next to impossible to succeed in, and she barely worked part-time. Apparently, me asking, “Do you realize how expensive even a small apartment in NY is?” was just me not being spontaneous enough for her.
Ibn87 / Reddit



Thinking we’re in love after a week. I’m just getting to know you and would probably still choose to go out with my friends of many years over going out with you. I also don’t want you meeting my family yet, so please don’t put me on the spot. You’re not ready for them, trust me.
throwawayforthisoneQ / Reddit


Which ones have you seen or done in real life? What things work only in the movies?

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