Miley Cyrus Shares How It Feels to Turn 30 and Her Mission to Empower Women

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Miley Cyrus turned 30 a couple of months ago and it’s a new era for her. She is going through changes in her look and her way of thinking. Here are some thoughts that she shared with us on how she feels nowadays.

In a recent interview, Miley shared, “I always say that my truth and the opposite of what that is is also true. Somehow, I’m completely different, and then somehow, I’m exactly the same. Now, in my 30s — I mean, my 20s were so much fun. If you don’t believe me, I think you can google it.”

She is definitely different, and she’s made some wise decisions to pay attention, and not just to her intuition.

“I guess my resolution would really be — my instinct is very loud, but I’m not a great listener sometimes. Dolly was telling me, her husband [Carl Thomas Dean] says, ’You’re not hard of hearing. You’re hard of listening.’ And I guess that would kind of be my resolution, to not just listen to myself, but listen to others.”

Besides changing her mind, Miley Cyrus presented a new single Flowers, where she intends to put her own happiness and emotional healing in first place.

Women shouldn’t be criticized for not being married or having children. It’s just important to feel happy and your way of happiness can be different. “I can take myself dancing. I can hold my own hand. Yeah, I can love me better than you can,” and this is the main message to women that you should love yourself first.

Preview photo credit mileycyrus / Instagram


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