Moms Need to Take a Break From Their Kids at Least Once a Year, and Here’s Why

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6 months ago

A woman’s brain changes after she becomes a mother in the literal sense. Scientists found that the amount of gray matter increases in moms’ brains 4 months after giving birth. But that’s not the only change. Their whole life changes and turns into a full-time job. We all need to take a vacation from any job we have and this one is no exception. As strange as it may sound, mothers need to take a break from their precious children.

We at Bright Side understand how hard being a mother can be. And that’s why we’ve decided to direct your attention to the importance of taking breaks from your kids.

When children appear in a woman’s life they become the focus and there’s less time left for a mom’s needs. But this is not a reason for the mother to forget about herself and her rest. It may seem wrong to leave the kids and take a break from them but it’s not.

This doesn’t mean that the mother is bad, it means that the mother wants happiness for herself and her family. It’s possible to choose any vacation: a trip to the beach, a weekend with friends outside the city, or just spending a night at the bestie’s house. The main thing is to be without children and spend time on herself.

A mom gets very tired when she constantly does the housework and resolves issues related to the lives of her children. This fatigue can develop stress and spoil her mood which affects the overall atmosphere in the house. Therefore, a mother’s vacation is good not only for her but for the whole family.

She will be able to cope with her duties more easily, without breaking down on others, and handle the next prank her child pulls with a smile after she returns home. She will be well-rested, full of strength, and will be glad to be with her babies again.

Mothers love their children unconditionally. But let’s be honest, they get tired of them. And if a mom goes on vacation, it will positively affect her relationship with her children and the family. When our loved ones are far away, we start to miss and appreciate them more. That is what happens during a mother’s absence.

The family begins to appreciate what she does for them and impatiently waits for her to come back. She, in turn, misses home and wants to return sooner. As a result, she changes her attitude toward duties from “must” to “want” and makes the next breakfast for her kids with pleasure because she lacked this during her vacation.

Rest time is an opportunity for a mom to focus on herself and think about what she wants. When was the last time you thought about your state of mind and not about if the baby needs a new toy? A caring mother takes care of herself.

This doesn’t mean that we urge mommies to spend the entire family budget on a new dress and luxury rest. We just suggest they take at least a couple of days off from motherhood and stop being a mom along with constant thoughts about what she needs to do around the house. This will help her to know herself better and will bring harmony to her soul.

Moms deserve a vacation. And don’t blame her for the fact that she wants to be without the children for a bit. And she herself doesn’t need to feel guilty for this desire. It’s time to drop doubts and calm down. The children will be fine and the partner will take the mother’s place and understand better what she has to do every day.

Remember that she’s not only a mother but also a woman who needs to have fun with her friends, relax, and recharge with energy. So if you’re a mom, feel free to go on vacation and gain new strengths to help with your beloved and dear work, motherhood.

Have you ever had a vacation without your kids? Do you think it’s better to take a vacation without kids or with them? Describe your experience and opinion in the comments.

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Getting a good rest and spending some time on yourself is really important, othervise we won't be able to move on and nothing will make us happy anymore


The thing is, some moms are overprotective, and can't leave their family and expecially KIDS without their control fort some hours, not even for a day or two. I think they either want to control everyone around or they feel guilty for leaving kids and not taking care of them.


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