Movie Couples That Never Happened But Fans Desperately Needed

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Sometimes even the strongest chemistry between characters isn’t enough to encourage writers to make them a couple. They might be meant to stay friends, or it’s an “evil” trick to maintain the audience’s interest and spark heated debates between fans. We picked the most shipped couples that never happened but that people really wanted to see.

1. Joey and Phoebe

They would have been a perfect couple, but the stars aligned the wrong way. They’re both eccentric and funny. Besides, they always favored each other over everyone else. They even had their inside jokes. David Crane wrote the script and explained that they should be friends since anything more would make the picture “too tidy and complete.”

2. Hermione and Draco

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of fan fiction stories about Dramione (Draco and Hermione). Most of the time, it’s appealing to those who watched the movies instead of reading the books. Some say Ron is a mismatch, while Draco could change his principles over time. On the other hand, Ron and Hermione make a cute couple, and both of them complete each other.

3. Jacob and Bella

Some Twilight fans noticed that Edward got worse and worse throughout the movies. Jacob, in turn, was friends with Bella for a long time and was always honest and supportive, while Edward had an unhealthy obsession with her. Nevertheless, others think that if it hadn’t been for the supernatural, Bella wouldn’t have even dated Jacob and, in the end, would have moved to a warmer place.

4. Jorah Mormont and Daenerys

Some believe that Jorah Mormont deserves more love than Jon Snow. This loyal man went through so much for Daenerys yet still ended up in the friend zone. He fell in love with her, but the Mother of Dragons didn’t feel the same way. She only liked him as a loyal friend and servant.

5. Hawkeye and Black Widow

Marvel fans loved the epic and fun scenes with Hawkeye and Black Widow. These 2 genuinely care about each other. Interestingly, there’s not much about the Clintasha relationship in the movies. For some reason, the directors decided to match Black Widow with Hulk, even though there was never any mention of any kind of relationship between them.

What are other potential movie couples that didn’t happen? Which ones wouldn’t have worked anyway?


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