My Brother-In-Law Is the Reason Why My Husband Left Me, I Don’t Know What to Do Now

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A woman, 38, has recently taken to Reddit to tell her story and to ask the other users for their opinions on it. She appeared to have a bad enemy right in her own family, and this is her BIL. She did nothing wrong to him, but it seems like the aim of his life now is to turn her existence into a total nightmare.

The relationship between the woman and her BIL was doomed from the start.

The woman begins her story, saying, «I’m 38, and I met my BIL, who’s also 38 now, at uni. He asked me out in our first year and I refused. He called me names and said that I am shallow. My best friend told me that it was harmless comments from an impolite guy who got rejected.»

The OP felt very uncomfortable about the whole thing. She wrote, «I never thought myself shallow, it was his demeanor and awkwardness that was off-putting to me. Anyway he proved my friend right and other than these comments I have never felt uncomfortable during my uni years because he never bothered me again. Not even looked my way.»

But then, this man entered into her family. She wrote, «The next time I met him was when my baby sister f28 introduced him as her bf. I didn’t even recognize him at first because it was like 9–10 years since that day he talked to me.»

The man’s behavior didn’t change through the years, and things got even worse.

The woman goes on with her story, saying, «He was visibly annoyed that I didn’t recognize him and called me a liar. The family was skeptical at first about him, but he seemed to treat my sister right, and she seemed happy (he is very rich), taking her all over the world, and he seemed kind with is too. They got married after a year of dating. They have 3 children.»

When the OP got married, her BIL was invisibly present in her family, too. The woman wrote, «I met my now ex five years ago, and the only odd comment from my brother-in-law was that I was still as shallow and superficial as I was in uni. At the time, I took it as a joke but in hindsight, when I found out the truth and started thinking back looking for red flags, this was probably a big one. He never showed any signs that he disliked my husband, and he was always decent enough, and his indifference to have a close friendship with my husband and I didn’t seem odd because he was always a recluse.»

BIL turned the life of a woman into a nightmare.

The woman wrote, «A year ago, my husband came home and accused me of cheating, and he had evidence. The guy contacted him, and he had intimate pictures of me on his phone. The guy told my husband that he didn’t know at first that I was married, but as soon as he found out, he contacted my now ex. He even apologized to my husband.»

But the OP has never cheated on her husband. She explained, «I have never met this guy in my life. Nothing I said or did made my husband believe me. He left me and our divorce is pending.»

The desperate woman found out a few shocking details about her BIL’s intentions.

The woman wrote, «Then yesterday that guy contacted me. He apologized for what he did and told me that he is friends with my brother-in-law. He sent me conversations, endless conversations my brother-in-law had about me for years. He has never forgotten that I in his words „didn’t even give him a chance and only judged him by his looks.“ Both groups chats with his friends but mostly with this guy.»

The whole story was masterfully elaborated to ruin the OP’s life. She says, «They planned this attack and my brother-in-law somehow got access to my photos. The reason this guy contacted me now is that he felt guilty because even when my marriage is over, my brother-in-law still was angry and hateful, especially when he heard that I was on a date last weekend. So the friend felt that he didn’t help his friend but ruined innocent people’s lives.»

People of Reddit were quick to react and gave the woman some pieces of advice.

The woman asked people for some advice, saying, «Not sure what to do. My brother-in-law has actually been happier and more sociable than usual since my divorce, and now I know why, although first I thought he felt sorry and wanted to support me. His jokes about me ending up an old maid with cats as companions don’t sound like jokes anymore. He meant them.»

People supported her and voiced their opinions in the comments. One person wrote, «It wouldn’t shock me if this guy found your sister and is dating her just to remain close to you. Feels too coincidental that he somehow popped back up in your life and then got mad that you didn’t remember him.»

Another person added, «Girl. Listen. If you don’t do something, you’ll have deserved it all. At this point, you’d be letting someone who should be locked up in a psychiatric facility dictate your life and the life of your entire family, because he managed to plant roots. Grow a spine, because you are protecting no one’s happiness here.
What do you think will happen to your sister when she hurts his fragile and deeply troubled ego? Please do all of you a favor and 1) expose this psycho to the family 2) do not get back with your ex on a whim but ponder it, because he left you without even looking for proofs himself, trusting messages over you.»

And one more user said, «Your sister is not safe with this man, OP. Get over your shock and tell her and your ex EVERYTHING. This man is psychotic and ruined your life over a decades old long grudge. Are you seriously going to let him get away with it?
There better be an update of you utterly ruining this man and getting a restraining order. He hacked your account and stole your photos, this is illegal, so go to the police next. His remorseful friend better come with you, ’cause the police won’t believe it without him because what this man did is truly that unbelievable.»

And here’s yet another dramatic family story, with a burning twist in the end. A woman wanted to kick her son out for not helping her out with the rest of the kids, but the son took to Reddit, too, and revealed the whole truth.


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