My Mom Is Terminally Ill, But I’m Not Going to Help Her

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5 months ago

Family dynamics can be a rollercoaster ride, with moments that strengthen bonds and others that can strain relationships. A courageous man recently opened up about a deeply personal encounter, shedding light on a challenging experience with their own mother.

I am so behind you fella. People like that deserve what they get. Every child should feel loved and wanted. Glad you have moved on and sounds like you have a better life for
yourself now.


The conclusion of any relationship, be it romantic, friendly, or familial, is undeniably painful. While every situation is unique, Bright Side understands the challenges that arise in such moments. For those experiencing a similar situation to the person who shared their story, here are some fundamental tips to navigate through it.

  • Open communication: Many family issues stem from a lack of communication. Establishing an environment where everyone feels safe discussing hurtful actions without the fear of judgment is crucial.
  • Maintain composure: When dealing with painful experiences, it’s easy to lose control and potentially come across as rude. Speaking calmly is vital for effective communication and preventing the situation from escalating.
  • Listen to your feelings: Maybe someone else hurt you without realizing they did so. While for others, their action may seem meaningless, it might be a big deal for you. This does not mean that you are the one with the problem or that you are “too sensitive.” We are all different, and so are our feelings.
  • Take care of yourself: Sometimes, cutting ties with people who hurt you is the only solution to guarantee your mental well-being. Remember that putting yourself first and caring for yourself is a reasonable choice.

People on Reddit chimed in with their opinions and perspectives as well.

  • “If you can afford it, you may want to get your DNA analyzed to see if you carry the gene for this disease as well. There’s a chance you may get it, and it’s a long and debilitating illness that you may want to prepare for.” Sunshineand*** / Reddit
  • “The only reason they are reaching out is to guilt you into paying for their mother’s care. They gladly abandoned you up until this point, they don’t need you now. I would block them if I were you.MaxScar / Reddit
  • “I always told my kids their dad didn’t have time for them, so when he gets old and decrepit they owe him nothing. But he comes to my children for help. The same kids he refused to buy groceries to feed, now he comes to their house asking for breakfast or dinner because he’s hungry and his wife won’t cook.” New-Sandwich194 / Reddit

Family relationships can be incredibly intricate, with no one-size-fits-all solution. In this article, you’ll discover a story of a mother who made the unusual choice to skip her son’s wedding and opt for spending the day with his ex-wife instead.

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