I Kept My Inheritance a Secret From My Husband — He Says He’ll Never Forgive Me

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5 months ago

We all must make difficult decisions in life, even when we know not everyone will be happy with the results. Melody, a Bright Side reader, is dealing with a complicated issue and has reached out to us for advice. She received an amount of money recently and wants to save it for her kids, but her husband believes the money is needed for something more urgent.

NTA you did right your kids have a whole life time ahead. He should have saved and sorted his mother out him self, She's not your responsibility.


Thanks for reaching out, Melody! We hope these tips can help.

Communication and empathy.

Schedule a calm and private conversation with Roy. Begin by expressing your deep empathy for Camille’s situation and your understanding of Roy’s desire to help her. Acknowledge the emotional strain he must be feeling due to his mother’s condition.

Reiterate your commitment to the family’s well-being and emphasize that your decision was rooted in concern for the children’s future. Listen actively to Roy’s feelings and concerns, encouraging an open dialogue that fosters mutual understanding.

Financial compromise.

Propose a financial compromise that takes into account both Camille’s urgent medical needs and the long-term goals for your children’s education. Investigate options such as setting aside a portion of the inheritance specifically for Camille’s surgery, while allocating the remainder to the children’s college fund.

Work together to create a feasible plan that addresses immediate concerns without sacrificing the future well-being of your family.

Seek professional advice.

Given the complexity of the situation, consider involving a financial advisor or counselor who can provide an objective perspective. A professional can help assess the available options, outline potential financial strategies, and mediate the conversation between you and Roy.

Family meeting for future planning.

Schedule a family meeting involving both your immediate family and Camille to discuss long-term plans and address concerns collectively. Share openly about your financial situation, the inheritance, and your intentions for the funds.

Encourage input from each family member, fostering a sense of unity and shared responsibility. This transparent approach allows everyone to be aware of the family’s financial circumstances and collectively decide on how to allocate resources to meet both immediate and future needs.

Family brings us a lot of love, but it can also lead to trouble between spouses. Samantha, another Bright Side reader, has reached out to us for advice after her husband invited 18 members of his family to their house for the holidays without even telling her first. Read her full story here.

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