“My Legs Aren’t Shaven,” Drew Barrymore Reveals She Is NOT Into Self-Care and How She Makes Up for It

5 months ago

Although the star always goes glamorous on the red carpet, Drew Barrymore dislikes self-maintenance routines. The actress values her time and knows exactly what her priorities are. For Drew, self-care is about finding out what works for her, even if it doesn’t align with the typical self-care practices promoted in popular culture.

First things first

Despite being a Hollywood A-lister, the 48-year-old actress admits that she likes to spend time with her dog, cat, and bearded dragon, as well as her 2 children, Frankie and Olive, rather than prioritizing self-maintenance in her downtime.

She has her very own version of ’self-care.’

The Charlie’s Angels star stated her preference in an interview, saying, “I don’t have time for it!” “Self-care and I are not friends,” Barrymore insisted.

Instead, the star has her very own version of self-love. She prefers to live a more peaceful life by having less chaos. “Having less, having systems... that’s my version of self-care,” the mother of 2 confirmed.

Moreover, Drew shared the aspects of her personal care routine that she doesn’t fuss over. “My legs aren’t shaven,” she admitted explaining that she doesn’t practice hair removal regularly. The star is also not a nail polish fan, but she tries to keep her nails clipped short to avoid dirt.

She doesn’t follow a set workout routine.

Drew also revealed that she doesn’t like to stick to strict exercise routines. She aims to take it easy and enjoy working out with her girlfriends 3 times a week. Nevertheless, she often only manages to do it twice due to a lack of time.

Strangely enough, massages add to her stress level.

Additionally, the star shared that she rarely gets massages and finds it annoying when therapists comment on her stress levels, as stress is a common experience for everyone.

“My neck feels like steel. Every time someone touches it, they’re like, ’Oh, are you stressed?’” The actress admitted that the question only adds to her stress. However, she does have a fondness for therapy and candles instead.


I think, most importantly, you need to find what works best for you. What works for one person doesn't always work for another. Just find the things that are beneficial to your body and mind, adjust them as needed, and sprinkle in additional things to bring in some occasional fun activities or new products to try, to keep yourself motivated and happy 😊. This is just my opinion.

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