My MIL Wants My Yet Unborn Baby to Call HER «Mom»

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Every woman with kids would probably be fuming if some other person approached her and said that her child must call them “mother.” The same happened to our heroine, Rebecca, who’s 34 and who’s pregnant with her 1st baby. But the things are even worse in her situation, because it’s her mother-in-law who puts forward such absurd demands. Rebecca wrote to us and told us her whole story, that made us have a lot of emotions, too.

Rebecca had wonderful relationship with her in-laws at the beginning.

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Rebecca, 34, has shared her story with us and expressed her concerns about a very provocative behavior of her MIL.

The woman opened her letter, saying, “Hi, Bright Side! I feel like I need some advice urgently, because my MIL is driving me mad, and I have no one to really listen to me, except for my husband, but he’s on his mother’s side. So, I really hope for some opinions of people who will read my story on your pages.”

Rebecca wrote, “So, my husband Rick and I have been married for over 7 years now. Our relationship has always been just amazing, I have never complained about anything. The same with my in-laws. They accepted me like their own daughter, especially Rick’s dad, who was very warm and cordial to me, and he reminded me so much of my own dad, whom I lost to cancer 10 years ago.”

The woman added, “My MIL, Susan, is 57, and she’d always been nice to me. Up until one day, when Rick’s dad suddenly passed after a severe heart attack. Since then, she has changed her attitude drastically. So, I basically was accepted in the family for the first 2 years of our marriage, and then, trashy things started happening one after another.”

Susan started acting in a very provocative and inappropriate way.

Rebecca goes on with her story, saying, “After Rick’s dad passed, Susan started tormenting me in every way possible. She concentrated all her attention on her belief that I ’stole her son from her’ and was behaving accordingly. She would accuse me of things I had never done.
She once accused me of stealing her valuable possessions and even called the police on me. Later it turned out that the case was fabricated and Susan just hid her jewelry in a box under a sofa in her living room, saying that she forgot that she did it, but there were no apologies from her.”

The woman shared, “She would tell Rick that I’m unfaithful to him, because I had male friends and coworkers with whom I occasionally went for a cup of coffee or for discussing some work-related matters out of the office walls. This all was really ridiculous. I tried to pay a little to no attention to everything she did, but then she crossed the line.”

Susan claimed her rights on Rebecca’s yet unborn baby.

Rebecca revealed, “I’m now 6 months pregnant. My pregnancy is a long-awaited one, we’d been trying for a baby for many years when the miracle finally happened to us and I conceived. My pregnancy is a high-risk one, I need to take care after myself and think only about positive things. But Susan won’t let me do it.”

The woman explained, “Recently, Susan approached me and said that my yet unborn baby must call HER ’mom’ instead of me. Obviously, I was shocked, and I even thought that I didn’t understand her correctly, so I asked her to repeat what she said. She then said that my baby must call her ’mom’. Her reasoning behind that was, ’I am more important to my son than you. There’s only one thing you can give him that I can’t.’”

Rebecca added, “Susan also insisted that she could have a baby too if she wanted, and she emphasized that I’m not ’special’ for being pregnant.”

Rebecca was raging, but that wasn’t all yet.

Rebecca wrote, “I confronted my husband about his mom’s weird claims, and he said that I mustn’t pay attention to it, because ’Mom wants only the best for us all, and if she wants our kid to call her ’mom’, then the kid will call both you and her ’mom’.’” The woman said, “So, Rick literally didn’t see a problem at all, and he called it a ’diplomacy’. What a nonsense!”

But that wasn’t all. Soon after their conversation, Susan approached Rebecca again and claimed that Rebecca must give her baby to her. The woman wrote, “Susan claimed that I’m not ready to be a wife and a mother and said that if I want to be with her son, I must ’pay her back’. In her evil mind, she pictured that I stole her son away from her, and now I totally have to give her my own child and feel the pain she’s been feeling all this time.”

Rebecca closed her letter, saying, “Of course, I asked Susan to go away immediately after she started saying this nonsense again. Now, I’m trying to remain as distant as I can from her. But my husband insists that I must communicate with his mom more, that I’m acting disrespectfully towards the woman who lost her husband and was left alone on this planet.
But I believe it’s just a petty manipulation, and I’m seriously considering a breakup with Rick after I give birth. If he doesn’t stop protecting his mother and supporting her nonsense, I don’t think we have to waste each other’s time anymore.”

And here’s yet another woman, whose mother-in-law has made it her life goal to spoil her marriage and her life. The woman is so possessive about her son that she literally wants to sleep in his bed together with him. The desperate wife doesn’t know what to do with her MIL and asked us for a piece of advice in her tough situation.

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